#Resolutionaries No More

16 Harrisburg anti-#Resolutionaries took a few laps around the track and set specific, measurable goals for our next lap around the sun. It went something like this:


  • Mosey to the middle school track, stopping for:
  • Windmill x10
  • SSH x20
  • 10 Jump Squats OYO
  • Merkins x10
  • LBC x10
  • Squats x10
  • One minute plank: ask pax to name some fitness goals met in 2014 (completing first half marathon or first marathon; Blue Ridge Relay; lost weight; PRing race times; USMC Mud Run); then ask everyone to think about their one top fitness goal for 2015.


  • Sprint 100m to turn 1
  • Merkins x10
  • LBC x10
  • Squats x10
  • Plank while each member of pax shares their ONE top fitness goal for 2015 (complete first half marathon or marathon; PR race times; Spartan Trifecta; lose 10 pounds; lower cholesterol through diet; eliminate grains, sugars, and dairy; consistently do 2 (or 3, or 4-5) workouts per week; Qing a workout for the first time)
  • Walking lunge to turn 2
  • Sprint to turn 3 and repeato merkins, LBC, squats, and plank while each member of the pax shares the limiting factors that can stop them from reaching their stated goal (lack of discipline; bad nutrition; injury; lack of sleep; not putting workouts on the calendar, etc.)
  • Bear crawl to turn 4
  • Sprint to turn 1 and repeato merkins, LBC, squats, and plank while the pax share how they’ll overcome their limiting factors in order to attain their goals (accountability; discipline; learning to like other foods; signing up to Q; adding training/workouts to their calendar, etc.)
  • Each pax chooses how to get to turn 2 (starting with inch worm, then choosing among bear crawls, crab walk, dragonwalk merkins, lunges, etc.)
  • Sprint to turn 3


  • Mosey to the foot of Heartbreak Ridge, stopping for:
    • Mason Twist x15
    • Reverse Crunch x15
    • Low Flutter x10
    • Low Dolly x10
  • Jailbreak up & over the ridge and back to launch point


  • Great work today, men. Lots of great hard work & thoughtfulness from the pax today, especially in your 2015 goal setting. #IronSharpensIron
  • Come out for a special early edition of Road Warrior and Warrior One tomorrow – 5:15am at Town Center for a one-year anniversary 10k for Road Warrior and 0.0k for Warrior One.
  • HDHH tomorrow night 7pm at Flanagan’s with Deuce at the Q.
  • The power of the #Weinke was strong this morning.
  • Sound off below with your biggest 2015 fitness goal! #IronSharpensIron

9 thoughts on “#Resolutionaries No More

  1. Casper

    Challenging as always Gapper. You did a great job making us work hard. 2015 goal is the run a full marathon.

  2. BBQ

    Good on @Gapper, Aye! Ha, loved the real #Weinke… You just took it to the next level. 2015 goal – run a full marathon, probably thunder road.

    @RibShack – you’ve def kept up with me more than a mile. Just 12 more to go.

  3. Deuce

    Nice one, until the dizziness kicked in.

    Goal: Reduce sugar, dairy and grain consumption (more veggies, yuck!). Looking for those six pack abs like @Posh.

  4. SSMinnow

    @Gapper ….there was no hiding in the crowd for this workout….you pulled these goals out of the @PAX….way to get us talking and committing…I’m going to keep my cholesterol in check via good eats

  5. Billy Goat

    @Gapper, looked like a good one.

    2015 Goals – 3 Sprint Tri’s (possibly Huntersville or Hickory, definitely Ballantyne in July, and the Jimmie Johnson one in September).
    *Additional goals….get some F3 PAX to do the University City Duathlon as well as join me at the sprint tri’s.

    1. Riptide

      join me at Tri Latta 6/13. Hootie and Frodo (Highlands) are in for UC Duathlon. Let me know when you’re riding – I get out Sunday afternoons

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