Outdoor Weightroom

6 Harrisburg men came out to get stronger with a non-stop, full body weightlifting session.

Slow mosey to the end of the lot and back
SSH x15
Windmill x10
Slow Merkins x5


Rounds of 5 sets of 5 different exercises, 5 reps each. Idea was to hit the shoulders, legs, chest back and arms in each round.
Round 1
KB Shoulder Presses
KB Goblet Squats
KB Lawn Mowers
KB Hammer Curls

SSH x10
LBC x10
Reverse Crunch x10

Round 2
KB High Rows
KB Sumo Squats
KB Chest Presses
KB Good Mornings (aka Dead Lifts)
KB Triceps Extensions

SSH x10
LBC x10
Reverse Crunch x10

Round 3
KB Front Raises
KB Lunges
KB Incline Presses
KB Bent Over Rows
KB Outhouse Curls

SSH x10
LBC x10
Reverse Crunch x10

Bonus Round
Single Arm KB Presses
KB Sumo Squats
Alternating KB Merkins (6x)
KB Skull Crushers (repeat #disclaimer)
KB Wrist Curls
YHC: “Was that 4 or 5 sets?”
Schedule C: “Who cares, let’s do another set just to be safe.” Aye!

Low Flutter w/KBs pressed x25
LBC w/KBs on chest x25


1. Thanks for posting today. This one was meant to just keep moving and hit all the major muscle groups – nothing too crazy but should keep you sore throughout the day after 500+ reps
2. Good numbers over at SSMinnow’s speed workout as well. Looks like that will become an official workout soon, giving everyone strength and speed options for Fridays.
3. Tclaps to @Riblet for keeping me straight on the exercise order….and for just making it out there! @Ribshack, you done good.
4. @Clueless, you seemed to enjoy those Alternating KB Merkins. Something tells me I’m going to regret bringing those out….
5. Always great to see @ScheduleC on break from his busy #rockstar touring schedule. Now, if he’d just stop running people off with his heckling….
6. @Casper, nice job getting in the missed run. Maybe you’ll start a trend and @Chaos will be doing post-COT SSH every workout…

Pax tibi,

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Weightroom

  1. Clueless

    Oh yeah… love the plank walk KB merkins… cuts to the core. I did throw some of those in for the post Thanksgiving Day workout. Nice to see them return. Thanks for the strong lead @Gamma.

    Great to see @Riblet back out!

    Sometimes you come across folks and you wonder… what did they have for breakfast, and can I have some?!? The energy, off the wall comments, and general humor @ScheduleC brings with him does make me wonder. Always enjoyed!

    1. Gamma Post author

      I’ll second that…pretty sure his breakfast consists of skittles, Red Bull and pixie sticks.

  2. Schedule C

    @Gamma, great lead this morning. I always enjoy being out in the gloom with everyone. It’s a great time.

    So, NOW I’m starting to feel sore from this morning. It’s gonna get me, I can tell.

    I was a bit chatty this morning, my apologies, just nice to be able to shoot the bull with all of you guys in the early morning.


  3. SoloCup

    Tired of wanting to run a 5k and just not getting it done by yourself? “Solo is just a cup.” You need the PAX to hold you accountable.

    We will be starting a 5k training program on 2/2 at Hickory Ridge Middle School (meeting every Monday after that until the Harrisburg 5k.) Let us know you are interested here: http://goo.gl/forms/amIzazOUQ5.

    We can talk goals during our first meeting

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