No delay needed

Four men and one mutt knew that everything would be fine and took the two-hour delay with a grain of road salt.

Here is the route.  Notice the extra thick line between Parallel Dr and Hwy 49.  Yeah, those are hill repeats.  1/4 mile up, 1/4 mile down. Repeato until it is time to go.1.14.15.Route

3.75-4.25 miles for the Pax and then back to the LP for Mary with Warrior One.


  • Thanks for joining us (Dixie and Banjo Boy) for a chilly morning.  I am glad the rain held off.  Great work today by all.
  • If you bring your dog, you get to take poop breaks, FYI… interperet that how you want.
  • YHC is overbooked for Saturday and has a free registration for a 4 Mile Trail race at the Whitewater Center@ 0930 for the first man that calls it.  980.613.0438

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