Goblet Curl Upright Extension

4 Strong F3 KB’ers met up this brisk January morning to discuss bucket lists and feel some burn

Warmup: SSH x15, IST x10, Windmill x10, Big arm circles, Little arm circles (to prepare for the burn to come)


  • Jack Webb climb up to 10
  • Tabata Cycle 1 – 20 sec on, 10 sec rest – Goblet Squats (4 rnds), Hammer Curls (4 rnds), Upright Rows (4 rnds), Triceps Extension (4 rnds) — Chased by Goblet Squats, Hammer Curls, Upright Rows, Triceps Extention as a set, for 4 rnds, still on tabata time
  • Ten 100’s — A gift from Gamma’s trip up north — Merkin to down position, pulse 10 times while there, come back up for a count of one… so 10 merkins with 100 low plank pulse merkins
  • Tabata Cycle 2 – 20 sec on, 10 sec rest – Sumo Squats (4 rnds), Outhouse Curls (4 rnds), Military Shoulder Press (4 rnds), Lawnmowers (4 rnds) — Chased by Sumo Squats, Outhouse Curls, Military Shoulder Press, Lawnmowers as a set, for 2 rnds, still on tabata time (ran out of time to do all 4 rnds)
  • Webb Jack climb down from 10

Mary: Duel heel taps x10 (aka spare tire shredder)


  1. It was an honor to lead this morning gentlemen. Strong work by all! I’m still feeling the shoulder fatigue.
  2. Thanks for sharing the new finds Gamma. I’m sure we’ll see the Ten 100’s and the shimmy some time in the near future.
  3. Yes Casper, there was a pattern or method to the madness.

5 thoughts on “Goblet Curl Upright Extension

  1. Clueless Post author

    These KB workouts have greatly increased my strength… while still raising the heart rate. Thanks to the PAX for the continued push for self improvement!

  2. Gamma

    Great workout, @Clueless, and thanks for picking up the Q. I thought we’d be able to keep up with you, being injured and all, but that wasn’t the case. Thanks for always pushing the pax.

    The 10-100s were as bad as I remember them from @NWInd, but always great to visit other AOs and pick up something new.

  3. Gamma

    Also, sounds like it was a great trial run of SSMinnow’s speed workout, with four (yes Padre, four) of Harrisburg’s finest (non-post-surgical) runners hitting the Middle School track.

  4. Casper

    Appears I was the “clueless” one with regards to the method to the madness. Either that or a severe case of brain freeze. Great workout, still sore!

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