The Murph

Two soggy souls endured another edition of The Murph.

The Thang:
  • Run One Mile
  • 100 Pull-ups
  • 200 Merkins
  • 300 Air Squats
  • Run One Mile
  • 15 x LBC (Solo Cup)
  • 15 x W’s (Clueless)
  • 15 x Squirm (Solo Cup)
  • 15 WWII Sit-Ups OYO (Clueless)
  • 15 x Reverse Crunches (Solo Cup)
  • 10 Spare Tire Shredders (Clueless, get him to explain this)
  1. It was an honor to remember Lt. Michael P. Murphy this rainy morning.
  2. Sorry to see so many of you fartsacked…I guess you are waiting until Thursday to start your New Year’s resolution to get back in shape (again)
  3.  Really enjoyed the time I spent with Clueless this morning, thanks for slowing your pace down so I could keep up.


Solo Cup


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