Boxing with Kettlebells

6 fine Harrisburg F3 men joined up for some kettlebell fun to melt away some Christmas treats. YHC took some liberties with Canada’s Boxing Day to break out a ‘boxing’ kb workout this morning.

Warmup: Light jog, SSH x15, IST x10, Windmill x10, Merkin x10

Thang (3 minute Rounds, followed by 1 minute rest/jump rope between):

  • Round 1: Single arm kb swings x10, Sumo squats x10, Single leg dead lifts x10 (each leg), Standing Triceps extension x10, 7 Ups (split arm curls)
  • Round 2: Double arm kb swings x10, Lateral side squats x10 each way, Step back lunge x10 (each leg), Arnold Shoulder Press x10 (each arm)
  • Round 3: Merkin w/ side row x10 (each arm), Squat with kb press to sky x10, Newly named “Outhouse Curls” x10 (aka low squat concentration curls)

Cycle through each round 3 times for a total of 9 rounds. If you finish the reps early, start back at first exercise in the round.

Punch finale (60 seconds each): 2 jabs/switch feet/2 jabs, static uppercuts, straight speed punches


  1. It was an honor to lead this morning gentlemen. Thanks for playing along w/ the ‘boxing’ theme. I hope you felt the full body workout. My arms are barking a bit.
  2. Lesson learned – asphalt eats up chalk… YHC didn’t pack enough this morning to finish the listings
  3. Gamma holds naming rights to the Low Squat Concentration Curls. Now to be known as the “Outhouse Curls”.
  4. Bull, nice BS call on the tribute to Escalade’s Merkin w/ side row.

3 thoughts on “Boxing with Kettlebells

  1. Clueless Post author

    #TClaps to Bull, RibShack, and Gamma for the OTB run prior to the KB’s (and for Bull afterwards too). Strong work fellas!

  2. escalade

    It hurts to just read that BB. Great lead Clueless! I will be back. Flu and foot injury #MrLoKey until better.

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