Accountability = Good

Sitting around playing family games after Christmas dinner with @Snare’s family and he says, “I need to post tomorrow… been off for 9 days. I need to get back.” That’s all YHC needed to hear to tilt away from a potential fart sack… “I’m in.” Snare decides we should run over. As we arrive in the gloom, not a car in sight. We loop around the bean… 0530 arrives and still no…. wait. Headlights. @Nanny pulls in. As we hold for his final preparations, another set of headlights. @Google pulls in. He jumps out, ready to roll… gloveless. Ok, they’re your hands, SoCal man… let’s get going.

The Thang
– Warm-up run on the firehouse loop – out the bus lot, up Shelley, Ridge, Street St., to HCP.
– Turn left on HCP and follow the Run the Creek 5k course with fartleks:
– Rotate pacing among the PAX
– 2 minutes on race pace
– 3 minute recovery
– Add firehouse loop on to the back end for another mile
– Not sure of exact distance, but probably about 4.75 miles with 5 x 2+ minutes on race pace.

As we pull back in to the school from Street St., we see a figure in the distant parking lot doing air squats and sprints. As we get closer, we see @LawDawg pushing himself solo in the gloom. Turns out he pulled in after our delayed start, spent half the time trying to find us at most of the usual locales (track, bus lot, Skyline), then set out on his own speed work when he couldn’t find us.


Naked Moleskin
– Great job to all who posted. It could have very easily gone a different direction if @Snare hadn’t said anything last night… would YHC have posted if @Snare didn’t float the HC? Would @Nanny have stayed if there was an empty parking lot? Would @Google then have arrived to an empty lot? Would @LawDawg had stayed with no cars there? The world will never know, but the point is… this stuff is way easier and FAR more enjoyable with your F3 brothers and it’s a lot harder to fart sack if you know you’re accountable to another brother whether HCing the night before or when you’re not alone when arriving at a beatdown. So, having trouble getting your holiday-rested, cookie-enlarged, wine-saturated arse out in the gloom? Then HC to one (or more) of your F3 brothers to post… it’ll be good for you both. T-claps and thanks to @Snare for ensuring YHC didn’t FS it today.
– As @Snare said this morning… he “highly recommends” Speed as the workout to come back to after being off for a while… translation: don’t wait until next Friday to make your return.
– @Nanny – thanks for the fartlek suggestion for this morning and for doing double duty on our race pace intervals. Nice job.
– @Google – Please tell me that’s not your race pace when you were our pacer… if you can hang that for a 5 or 10K, look out at Run the Creek in March or the MudRun in April… strong.
– @LawDawg – Way to hang strong and put in the work even though we weren’t there. They say the true measure of a man is what he does when no one is watching. You certainly measured up this morning because you do squats and sprints when no one is watching… great job brother! Hope the 2.1 is feeling better soon and thanks for taking us out this morning in BOM.

– Saturday at MCP is down to one 7am beatdown for the winter (or longer?); See you all there?