How to run a 5k

4 of Traditions bravest entered the miserable gloom for a Jumanji Q that went a little something like this.

Head off up Prosperity, WITHOUT Jumanji, 5:31 rolled around and no Jumanji, so we took off.  As I was thinking of a nice easy route for us, Jumanji runs up behind us!  Unfortunately…..he had a much harder morning planned.

How to run a 5k;

Start off at an easy pace, each quarter pick up your pace.  Finish with a 200 yard sprint at the end.

The Very Wet Moleskin;

  1. Impressive showing this morning on a very cold and wet morning.
  2. @Cinderblock is trying to convince us he is not a runner…..Actions speak louder than words!  He is a runner!!
  3. @Icicle – this was a good one for you this morning after you blasted out of the gate at the Huntersville 5k and then burnt out and let a fat, old Dingo blow by you!  Save some energy for the end!
  4. @Jumanji – Thanks for Q’ing brother!
  5. Sorry I was lagging.  Calf tightness.  Need to drink some water…….Been off all week, drinking nothing but coffee and wine 🙂

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