We playing hopscotch?

7 dedicated men decided getting stronger was better than the warmth of the fartsack.

SSH x20
Slow Mericans x5
Slow Air Squats x5

The Thang
Five KB exercises – sprint – one exercises sprint back and repeat with descending reps. In other words…

11 KB Sumo Squats
11 KB High Rows
11 KB Curls
11 KB Overhead Presses
11 KB Skull Crushers
Sprint to the second island (~50 yards)
11 Mericans
Sprint back to the KBs.

Repeat with 10 reps, then 9….down to 1. Continue back up the ladder until the pax finishes.

With a little time left, we went for another round, with the pax calling the exercises.

11 KB Triceps Extensions (Tumbler)
11 KB Alternating Lunges (Ribshack)
Sprint to the second island
11 Burpees (Clueless)
Sprint back to the KBs
Made it through 4-5 sets before time was called.

Low Flutter x15 w/KBs held off the ground overhead
LBC x15 w/KBs on your chest
Pretzel Crunch x10 each side
The Squirm x20 (Casper)
Crunchy Frog x15 (InTheMood)


1. I got there early with chalk to write the exercises on the ground (a la Col Mustard), but Clueless caught me before I could finish and asked if we were playing hopscotch. That probably would have been easier.
2. Strong work by all. Fabio led the pax all along, but then again, he is a teenager. Either way, good luck to him on his wrestling tournament this weekend – very impressed by his dedication to come out so early in the cold. Don’t tell his coach, but he says F3 workouts are much harder than practice…


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  1. Clueless

    Good stuff @Gamma! Thanks for the double up at Q. I always look forward to throwing some kb’s around with the pax on Fridays.

    Strong work @Fabio… pin them all.

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