Failure builds Success

2nd morning back after a 2 week injury break and 2nd day in a row I was asked to take the Q for someone!  Sensei has been sick, so I jumped at the chance to Q!  They have become few and far between with all of the Q’s we have at Tradition these day!  So I take ’em however I can get ’em!

10 men strode into the gloom.  Today we will focus on failure!  Most of us can do the amount of reps a Q calls, but what if he doesn’t call a number?  What if he says “Just do it until you can’t do it anymore”?  This happens!

Warm up

  1. Small lap around parking lot
  2. SSH x 16
  3. IST x 20
  4. MC x 12
  5. Stretching

The Thang;

I toyed with the idea of doing the Air Force fitness test, but ONJ arrived and I made him run a lot yesterday……so I skipped running the mile…..

  1. Merkins x AMRAP for 1 minute
  2. Situps x AMRAP for 1 minute
  3. Pull Ups to failure
  4. Dips to failure
  5. Cinderblock throw across field and back, alternating arms
  6. Overhead press to failure
  7. Side jumps over cinderblocks to failure
  8. One arm rows to failure, each arm
  9. Farmers carry 2 x around stair loop, w/2 cinderblocks(A lot harder than I thought!)
  10. Curls to Failure
  11. Merkins with hands on cinderblocks to failure
  12. Decline merkins to failure
  13. LBC with cinderblock to failure
  14. Chest press to failure
  15. Farmers carry cinderblocks back

Mary(The Cruise joined us)

  1. Plank x 1 minute
  2. Pretzel cunch x 20
  3. Reverse Crunch x 12

2 thoughts on “Failure builds Success

  1. Dingo Post author

    Great work this morning gents! I had planned to go through this twice! But you guys are so strong, you took too long to tech failure!! Awesome show of strength!

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