Highlands & Rolling Stone Christmas Party

A merry bunch of men with their M’s gathered at The Sweet Spot for the 2nd annual F3 Christmas party.  YHC did not keep a pax list but all together it was right around 30.

The Thang:

  1. Accumulate critical pax mass while hanging out and enjoying the custom keg selection made by Stoli and Chopper.
  2. A Stoli led blessing over the night and the food.
  3. Chowing down on some fantastic food.
  4. A Nanny led awards presentation.
  5. Chopper and Nanny kicked out by Sweet Spot staff around 11:30.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Without exception, it looks to me like this group married up BIG TIME.  Great to hang out with so many awesome M’s and to see what it is that brings these men home each night.
  2. When Santa rolled up the sidewalk with a roar, and disembarked the motorcycle with his elf, we were all surprised.  I looked at the two guys who planned this party and asked who the heck is that – they had no idea.  Great surprise.  Santa’s list on a scroll was a nice touch – as were the candy canes handed out by Musicbox the elf.
  3. View the Slideshow and awards presentation here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/drpnhj4jj090yot/AADjJNJ7-9JTXY9sE4vCDqTUa?dl=0

4 thoughts on “Highlands & Rolling Stone Christmas Party

  1. BOS

    The idea of Santa’s driveby came straight from Musicbox. She loves her F3 family, and wanted to spread some holiday cheer while we had our costumes out. The looks of surprise/ terror/ confusion as we came through the front door were priceless.
    Great job on the party planning!

    Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

    Big Ol Santa

  2. Google

    Had a blast! It was great to see everyone without morning hair and eye bogers!

    I trully feel blessed that God put F3 in my life. It is awesome to learn more about the men and the service the F3 Group does around our community and Globe.

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