7 men this morning at the Precinct brave enough to receive a little frost burn of the lungs. Perfect weather for the Sucnado.

Warm up:


The Business:

Pretty simple, start below workout at 5:30 and don’t stop until the alarm goes off at 6:10.

(all exercises are single count)

 15 Muscle ups @ GWW

 Run around pool parking lot (approx 0.15 miles)

 20 Squats

 Run around lot

 20 WWII sit-ups

 Run around lot

 15 burpees

 Run around lot

 20 Merkins

 Run around lot



As quoted by Skipper, Sucnado, point taken…. Hard work from all especially the top effort from @Skipper and @PHAROAH. The dense air made things tough for an already brutal situation, everyone did well and will go at this again soon, however next time we will be stronger. Here are some stats (Run 3.75 miles, 75 muscle ups, 100 squats, 100 WW2 Sit-ups, 100 Merkins, 75 burpees). As always a humbled and honored to lead. We need more people at the Precinct, so EH your neighbors………

8 thoughts on “Sucnado

  1. Pharaoh

    @Skipper – way to push! It was hard work to keep up with you!
    @Precinct – great to see all of you and I look forward to Qing next week.

  2. The Farm

    Who made @Striker angry this morning?? I was supposed to come out there this am but Moses talked me into going to Rolling Stone for LawDawg’s one year F3 anniversary.

      1. The Farm

        Looks like it was a good one Jelly! Belding must’ve been proud! I thought I would enjoy a quiet workout this morning without the usual mumblechatter (FunkyBunch). However, Gump showed up to Rolling Stone so…

  3. Skipper

    Ahoy! The men at #Precinct did some solid work this morning.

    @Pharaoh – I think we all know that I was the one trying to catch you #burpeeking

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