Pyramid of Poses II

5 Pax posted to climb the pyramid of Warrior One poses again, which, this time actually did include the pose Warrior One.

But, first . . .

The Warmup:

x denotes four-count cadence

  • LBC x25,
  • The Squirm x25,
  • Reverse LBC x25,
  • WWII Situps- 25 OYO.

Then . . .

The Thang:

Forward Fold Series- Include: Mountain, Salute, Forward Fold, Half-forward Fold.  Focus on breathing.

  • Merkins x10

Pyramid of Poses: Starting at Plank pose, adding a pose each round and reversing the order on the way back to Plank each round.

  • Plank,
  • Crocodile,
  • Up Dog
  • Down Dog,
  • Lunge,
  • Crescent,
  • Spinal Twist,
  • Warrior One
  • Warrior One w/bind,
  • Warrior Two,
  • Extended Side-Angle,
  • Peaceful Warrior,
  • Triangle.

Table Series- Includes: Table, Cat/Cow, Spinal Balance, Awkward Airplane, Gate, Half-Knot.

  • Fire Hydrant x 10 each leg.


  • Ball,
  • Revolved Abdomen in motion x 10,
  • LBC x25,
  • Squirm x25,
  • WWII Situps- 25 OYO,
  • Ball,
  • Knee Circles,
  • Corpse pose.



  1. Great work out there!  The Pyramid of Poses was tougher than last time YHC led it and tougher than it looked on paper.  We’ll have to do it again some time.
  2. Don’t be surprised if the Fire Hydrant makes its way into some Boot Camp workouts in the future.  It definitely targets some muscles that see little action.



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  1. SSMinnow

    @Deuce…that was a challenging routine….the half knot took some doing….don’t think I want to know what a full knot would look like

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