Frosty Iron Fist

4 of Tradition’s finest (plus @The Farm for some Mary) joined at a frosty Tradition AO for some Iron Fist.  Here’s how this went:

Warmup – mosey to the Outback

12x SSH

12x IST

12x Cotton Pickers

Stretch out with some arm circles


Head to pull up/dip bars

10x pull ups

10x chin ups

10x dips



Everybody grab a cinderblock (those were cold today!)

12x Shoulder Press

12x Upright rows

12x Curls

Repeato 10x, 5x

Cinderblock merkins 12x, 10x, 5x

Skull crushers 12x, 10x, 5x

Everybody’s favorite – cinderblock burpees 12x, 10x, 5x

Head to the picnic benches

Decline Merkins 12x, 10x, 5x

The Farm then ran up and decided to join for some Mary.  The Tradition Cruise pax (@Guinness, @Raptor, @Trail Mix) were running up right before we started and joined us as well.



Your favorite and mine – The Squirm! – 22x (remember @Pharaoh, the journey to a six-pack begins with a single squirm…)

LBC 22x

Low Flutter 22x

W 12x

Crunchy Frog 10x

People’s Choice:

Perkins – The Farm – 12x

Box Cutter/Homer to Marge/Rosalita Medley – Raptor – 12x

Pretzel Crunch 12x each side – YHC


Frosty Moleskin:

1) It was a pleasure leading this morning.  As cold as it was, seems a nice beatdown can warm you right up!

2) @Striker made a great point this morning – @Maximus should work for NASA as their countdown specialist.  I tried throwing in a 10 second count in between workouts, and Maximus had the best count for sure.

3) @The Farm – glad you could join in for some Mary.  I’m sure the office park’s cameras caught you running back and forth!  Good practice for the 5K on Saturday!

5 thoughts on “Frosty Iron Fist

  1. The Farm

    Haha, you guys are hilarious. I thought I was going to catch the other cruisers on their way back…but not so lucky! It was a nice, peaceful run this morning. Also, Raptor seems to be finding new ways to incorporate the Homer to Marge medley into all mary routines…no matter how it starts, it will always end in the Homer to Marge medley. @Gangsta, did you ever tell us what the significance of 22 is?

  2. Gangsta's Paradise Post author

    @The Farm – I did not, but nothing as big as when I announced the M and I were expecting our first child a few months back. Today is 12/10, and most of the workouts we did were either in reps of 12 or 10, but I decided we needed some extra Mary and so I just added up 12 and 10 to get 22. #greatmath

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Good workout Gangsta! Excellent strategy getting us on our 6’s on the wet grass so we could freeze our butts off and therefore distract our pain from noticing how tired our arms and chests were!

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