10 pax joined the #Burpeecember challenge whether they wanted to or not. Here’s how it went down.


  • Mosey around the parking lot & circle up in the suicide lot.
  • SSH x20
  • IST x15
  • Windmill x10


  • Run to the first line across the parking lot.
  • Do 10 burpees, 20 LBC’s, and 30 air squats.
  • Run to the next line & repeato, all the way back & forth across the parking lot til Mary


  • Mason Twist x15
  • Reverse Crunch x10
  • Squirm x15
  • Low Flutter x15
  • Crunchy Frog x10
  • J.Lo x10


  • An honor to lead, as always. Especially when selfishly crafting a workout to pay my #Burpeecember tax for the day.
  • Great, great work out there today. There were elements of “you against you” and “you against the pax” in this one, and I think everyone pushed themselves. I was in the bottom half and finished 13 rounds: that’s 130 burpees, 260 LBCs, and 390 air squats. T-claps to BBQ for leading the pax with 19 rounds completed: 190 burpees, 380 LBCs, and 570 air squats, and to Clueless for nipping at his heels the whole time.
  • Join some of the pax, Ms, and 2.0s at Harrisburg Town Center this Saturday 9am for the Jingle Bull Run 5k supporting the Hickory Ridge Boosters.
  • My M’s 2nd grade students are collecting new & gently used suitcases & duffel bags for Cabarrus County kids in foster care (up to age 17). Bring donations to a workout or comment below & we’ll make other arrangements. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “#Burpeecember

  1. Gapper Post author

    It’s not too late to join #Burpeecember. 100 burpees per day for the rest of the month. Everyone this morning already took care of today (and banked some for tomorrow). If we had more time I think BBQ could have taken care of his whole month already.

  2. Skipper

    @Gapper – That workout sounds horrible. I thought we did well with 60 burpees this AM. Remind me not to visit Harrisburg in December. #ouch

  3. Clueless

    Starting feeling those squats more and more with each round. Thanks for the burn @Gapper!

    #TClaps @BBQ for leading the PAX.

  4. BBQ

    @Gapper – There’s no way I would have thought up today’s torture nor would I recommend doing it all alone. Having the PAX there was the only thing keeping me going. Plus, I could hear @Clueless on my foot steps the whole time. If he was still going it meant I couldn’t stop. Iron Sharpens Iron.

    That was enough burpees today for me this whole month. Tclaps to all of you doing this craziness everyday.

  5. BanjoBoy

    No banking… Doh! Good in. Certainly painful. As I have toured different AOs over the past few months, it is confirmed that The Ridge is among the toughest. Today is more evidence.

  6. Gapper Post author

    No banking? Incorrect! Solo Cup and I discussed it at Bojangles; there’s no debt allowed, but saving for the future is acceptable. It’s the Dave Ramsey method, and you keep your hands off those 30 burpees in my piggy bank! #CashIsKing

  7. SoloCup

    Correct, you can Bank, but no Debt. New challenge, how fast can you do your 100? I am down to 15 min.

  8. BBQ

    Since I’m not officially in the #Burpeecember, call if you need to take out a loan. Interest rates at record lows.

  9. Gapper Post author

    @BBQ – In exchange for your 90 surplus burpees, I’ll help clean out your closet by taking a duffel bag off your hands. Deal?

  10. Gamma

    @Gapper – great workout. Simple, but effective!

    @Othello – thanks for hanging back with me. Take care of that knee.

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