No running? No problem.

Seven Harrisburg men came out happy to know there would be no running today….well, six men came out happy there would be no running, and BBQ posted as well.

Quick explanation/disclaimer about the workout and why we’re doing it. Lots of running the past few days, so we’re focusing on upper body, hitting the chest, back, shoulders and arms. No frills. No “I just saw this on YouTube.” Just some old-fashioned weight lifting.

SSH x15
Air Squats x10 (had to throw BBQ a bone with a little bit of leg work)
Mericans x10

The Thang
5 rounds of 12 exercises, with reps of 5/10/15/10/5; also threw in some abs and SSH
KB Lawn Mowers
KB Single Arm O/H Presses
KB Curls
KB Chest Presses
KB Skull Crushers (straight arm)
KB Front Shoulder Raises
KB Triceps Extensions
-Reverse Crunches
KB High Rows
KB Halos
KB Reverse Curls
SSH x10

Low Flutter x20 w/KB held off the ground behind your head
The W w/KB x20 (BBQ)
Reverse Crunch w/KB x10 (Casper)
Low Dolly w/KB x12 (Tumbler)


1. Thanks for playing along. All kidding aside, I really did want to give the legs a break and go heavy on some muscles we don’t work very often.
2. Great to see BBQ out for a KB workout. He caught some grief this morning, but the truth is not many work as hard as he does out there to improve strength and speed. Pretty impressive, even for a #HateHate.
3. A common awkward moment seen at workouts seems to be the handshake/fist bump fail. Not far behind that is thinking one of the pax is going for the fist bump to tell you it was a good Q, only to realize too late that he was just stretching out the shoulder….
4. Understatement of the year: “I’m not coming out here to injure myself…”
5. I believe I heard Ribshack says he’s graduated to a heavier KB. Nice work – keep at it!


5 thoughts on “No running? No problem.

  1. Clueless

    Thanks for the upper hammering @Gamma. I have a feeling my shoulders and back will be thanking you in the morning too.

  2. RibShack

    That was a good one. All those reps definitely brought the fatigue going. They can say no running made it a cakewalk but really it added intensity to the KB reps as we didn’t have time to take a break & trot around. I have a new respect for the aforementioned Halo…..didn’t think too much about it until doing #30 with a 35 pounder. Glad I brought in the 25 too to swap up as needed. Thanks for the lead @Gamma, enjoyed it.

  3. BBQ

    Yep, hadn’t posted for KB in a while and I was feeling it by the end. I’m really going to feel it tomorrow, especially the shoulders. But that just means it was a good one @Gamma. Thanks for leading us. I actually didn’t mind not running, that was one of the reasons for coming out.

    I’ll miss the Bull Run and beat down tomorrow. But if anyone’s up for some OTB miles before church let me know. Any pace and any company welcome.

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