Harrisburg Cruise Camp

14 men came out in the chilly and damp gloom to make each other stronger. Here’s how it went down.

#Warm up

#The Thang
1st Evolution:

  • Indian Run toward Hickory Ridge Rd.
  • Stop keeping formation. Indian run to the back of HRMS.

2nd Evolution:

  • Walking lunges down the walkway.
  • Line up for LBCs when you reach the bottom. LBCs until everyone is down.
  • Once everyone is doing LBCs, we start lunge walking up the path again.

3rd Evolution:

  • Mosey to the track field and line up on the sideline.
  • First person in line sprints to the other side and back while pax does LBCs.
  • Repeat: Reverse crunches
  • Audible: Burpees instead of the exercise for #Burpeecember
  • Mosey back to HRHS and stop at The Hill for up and over Burpees.
  • Jailbreak to Mary.


  • LBC x 25
  • Reverse Crunch x 25
  • Squirm x 25
  • Homer to Marge
  • J-Lo x 20


  1. As always, many thanks to the men of Harrisburg for letting me lead. I hope today made you work. I was nursing a bad shoulder. Also, I’ll make up for the running with a parking space workout.
  2. I’m a sensitive guy so I made allowances for those poor souls doing #burpeecember.
  3. Lotsa #mumblechatter today and some bear poking. Good to hear!

8 thoughts on “Harrisburg Cruise Camp

  1. Schedule C Post author

    Give this thing some #tclaps! Also, great to see Pharaoh out this morning. Come back anytime. Glad to have you out. Also, spellin “Pharoah” is hard.

    1. RibShack

      @Pharaoh- Good chatting with you about Tradition this morning, thanks for the info! Or, if you prefer, وذلك بفضل جيدة الدردشة معك حول التقليدصباح اليوم، للمعلومات!

  2. RibShack

    @Schedule C- thanks for the good post today, I think I’ll call it a run down!
    @BBQ- yes, I did hear the SA comment about “what’s wrong with a week of running?”……just couldn’t catch my breath enough to respond in kind!

    1. BBQ

      Haha! 🙂 @Schedule C, good lead, enjoyed the push. And for the record, think we did some JLo’s after Homer to Marge. Or was that just me?

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