Quality over Quantity

4 Strong F3 faithful joined up under the gloomy main street lights to work on strength, flexibility, balance and ‘quality’ movement. The focus this morning was on slow deliberate movements with a mindset of ‘quality’ over quantity.

Warm up (in cadence): SSH x10, IST x10, Merkins x10

The Thang: 1 minute stretch of muscle group to be worked, followed by 2 minute muscle group exercise focus

  1. Chest – Mountain Pose to clasped hands behind — Squatting chest press, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Up and Under Merkins
  2. Calves – Downward Dog w/ alternating calf stretches — Calf raises (toes forward), Calf raises (toes inward), One foot hops over sidewalk cracks
  3. Back/Shoulders – Clasped hands in front w/ extension out rounding the back — Superman, Superman w/ lat pull, RocketMan, RocketMan w/ pulses
  4. Quads/Hamstrings – Runners pose to lunge — Air Squat, Step Back Alt Lunges
  5. Triceps – Pull arms across/Pull arms overhead — Wall Diamond Merkins, Table Dips w/ one foot on knee & switch
  6. Mary – Cat to Cow — Homer to Marge in slow 4 count up & down, W’s, Slow Squirm (hold 3 count each side)
  7. Chest – Huggers w/ full extension back — Stagger Merkins, Slow 4 count Merkins
  8. Calves – Alternating foot against wall for deep stretch — Calf raises (toes outward), Single foot hops in a cross pattern
  9. Back/Shoulders – Clasped hands in front w/ extension out rounding the back — Balls to the Wall, Plank Walk (single move back and forth)
  10. Quads/Hamstrings – Side Lunge onto toe w/ prayer hands — Jump Squats, One Leg Squats w/ knee raise balance
  11. Triceps – Pull arms across/Pull arms overhead (try to touch fingers behind) — Side Tri-Raise (side one arm Merkin), Table Dips, Hold Table for stretch
  12. Mary – Cat to Cow — Heels to the Sky w/ toe touches, WWII’s, Side Plank w/ Hip Raise

Cool down: Corpse / Full body tension / Corpse / Full body tension / Corpse


  1. As always, it was an honor to lead this morning gentlemen. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Outstanding work and focus this morning by the PAX! With proper focus, the ‘quality’ of the exercise can out-perform the quantity of the exercise.
  3. Third F – make each day we’re blessed to be here a ‘quality’ day… slow down a bit and appreciate significant moments… make moments significant and special for others.

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