12 Days of Christmas Cont’d…

Eight of Tradition’s toughest met in the cool, wet gloom for a 12 Days of Christmas themed total body beatdown with a taste of cement.   I wasn’t at Mr. Belding’s bootcamp yesterday as I was working at 0500, but theme was inspiring.  It went a little something like this…

Mosey to Outback

Warm Up:
Windmill X12
Cotton Picker X12
Arm Circles
Shoulder Stretch
The Thang:

12 Merkins (IC)
Grab a Cinderblock (or two)

Round One:
CB Squat X12
CB Clean and Press X12
Mosey to picnic tables for Step Ups X12 (each leg)
CB Curls X12
Mosey to the dip bars or picnic tables for full dips X12 or picnic table dips X24.
Mosey to the top of the hill and back

LBC’s X12 (IC)
Low Flutter X 12 (IC)
Round Two:
CB Burpees X12
CB Upright Rows X12
CB Sumo Squats X12
CB Chest Press X24
CB Pullovers X12
Mosey to top of hill and back
WW2 Situps X12 (OYO)
Low Dolly X12 (IC)
Round Three:
CB Merkins X12
Lunges X12 (each leg)
Mosey to pullup and/or dip bars for pullups X12
CB Bent Rows X12 (each arm)
Plank for 1:20

Mosey to top of hill and back.  Workout went a little faster than expected, so let’s repeato Round One (all exercises).  Striker’s comment/question (Is that the one with the burpees?).  YHC’s response, “no, but we’ll get to those too….”

A few cruisers joined us, welcome!

Round One Above (all exercises)

Per Striker’s request, we finished with 12 CB Burpees
COP/Join Rest of Cruisers for Pax Choice MARY

Box Cutter X16 (Striker)
Crunch Frog X15? (Skipper)



1) Pleasure to lead this morning, men.
2) Way to push yourselves, Fisters (pun intended)
3) Thanks for bringing us home at the end, Gangsta!
4) Keep coming back, Survivor.  It won’t get easier, but you WILL get stronger!!!  Good work this morning.
5) Announcement: Striker is coordinating a fellowship event on Wednesday evening, December 17th, starting at 6PM(?).  Bring guns and beer to The Range at Lake Norman.  I know, those two things don’t usually go well together…  $30 charge at door for range dues and free gun rentals.  $5 of your $30 cover will go to a local charity.  Hit the range and/or simulator for some target practice and fun!  Once your done shooting, drink up (BYOB).  All F3er’s welcome, experienced or not!
6) Tradition Christmas Party this Saturday, 7PM until….  I accidentally said 2.0’s welcome and encouraged.  I meant to say wives/significant others welcome and encouraged!

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