An Inspiring Leader

Five men started the work week off with breakfast and the Bible. This how the Bible part went:

We read and discussed Nehemiah 1:1-11 and 2:11-20. Nehemiah held an important position in the court of King Artexerxes, but he saw a huge need in his ancestral homeland. The walls of Jerusalem were in disrepair, and the returned exiles were vulnerable and disheartened. When Nehemiah got this news, he carefully studied the situation, prayed and petitioned God for help as part of his prayer. He then traveled to Jerusalem, where he again took the time to assess the situation on the ground before speaking to the people about his plans. His speech inspired the people to rebuild the crumbled walls.

Nehemiah provides an excellent example of envisioning how a bad situation could be made better, along with the actions that inspired others to buy into and make that vision a reality.

2 thoughts on “An Inspiring Leader

  1. SoloCup

    Nehemiah: an outstanding example of incorporating God into Project Management

    -Develop the vision (pray for guidance)
    -Ask God to bless the vision/project
    -Take the vision to “The King” (get buy in, continue to pray for God’s guidance)
    -Take the time needed to develop a through plan (anticipate all possible eventualities, continue to pray for God’s guidance)
    -Take the plan and the vision to “The People” (get buy in, continue to pray for God’s guidance)
    -Execute project plan (continue to pray for God’s guidance)

    Great stuff Minnow

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