Are you guys crazy?

The options were there. Knowing many of the Road Warrior regulars were out with SSMinnow on the shelf, BBQ and RibShack traveling (not together, I believe) and Solo Cup Q’ing Warrior One, who would show in the cold rain? If it’s just me, do I a) sadclown solo run, b) keep driving as if I were just out for coffee or c) join the broga workout? Fortunately, none of the above as Escalade came to the rescue because he “couldn’t let anyone run alone.” #ISI

The Thang
Nice, long, slow, cold, wet 3.7 miles through RRC, south on Morehead, up 49 with a quick detour over to Morris then back to Town Hall to join up with the Warrior One pax for Mary (courtesy of Solo Cup).

1. Heading up School Ave, we were greeted with “Are you guys crazy?” Ma’am, who are the crazy ones, the guys running in the cold rain or the lady who walks down the driveway in the cold rain to ask them if they’re crazy? Ok, maybe both, but we readily admit it.
2. After getting water-blasted by the passing semi, we decided to get off 49. As luck would have it, you can cut through Bojangles. Unfortunately we had no money with us. Someday, Hootie. Someday.
3. Great to see the bad weather doesn’t slow down FiA Harrisburg, either. Strong work!
4. Thanks to Solo Cup for leading us in Mary. This fat kid could have sworn he said “slabs of veal.” “Abs of steel” isn’t nearly as enjoyable.


7 thoughts on “Are you guys crazy?

  1. Gamma Post author

    @Escalade – thanks for picking me up this morning. Enjoyed the conversation along the way. Lots of plans for 2015!

    Next time we hit that route, stops at Casas de Starsky, Tumbler and Hootie may be in order.

  2. Riptide

    Not crazy at all – this is ideal running weather – no shower needed after – just have to look out for puddles!

  3. escalade

    To quote Ron Burgundy. “I instantly regret this decision.” Great run and company. All questions of sanity evaporated after we got rolling.

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