20 strong men showed up for some 63-degree fun.

The thang:
Warm up: Jog around parking lot, with high knees and butt-kickers.
SSH x20
Mountain climbers x20
Windmill x10
Merkin x10
Imperial storm troopers x20

Mosey to the wall:
Peter parkers x10
air squats 1×10
merkins x10
LBCs x10
Toyotas x10

2 lines of 10 for a long Indian Run over to the hill for:

1 burpee – run up and over hill – 1 burpee
2 burpees – run up and over hill – 2 burpees
3 burpees – run up and over hill – 3 burpees
4 burpees – run up and over hill – 4 burpees
5 burpees – run up and over hill – 5 burpees
Plank/LBCs when finished

Jog over to the curbs for Hands of Time:
12 o’clock: 5 incline merkins
3 o’clock: left hand on curb – 5 merkins
6 o’clock: 5 decline merkins
9 o’clock: right hand on curb – 5 merkins

Mosey over to the fence for some muscle-ups (mumble chatter):
1 muscle up
2 muscle ups
3 muscle ups
4 muscle ups
5 muscle ups

Indian Run back to the hill for:

3 burpees – run up and over hill – 3 burpees
2 burpees – run up and over hill – 2 burpees
1 burpee – run up and over hill – 1 burpee
Plank/LBCs when finished

The squirm x20
Freddie Mercury x20
Crunchy Frog x20
Homer to Marge

1. BYOS – Solo Cup’s bring your own snake comment was gold. Gotta post to know!
2. Strong work on the burpee ladders up and over the hill. Looked better on paper!
3. Always cool to see father/son (Jazz/Fusion) pairs out there working hard together. Motivating for us fathers with younger kids who can’t post yet!
4. Happy and safe Thanksgiving to all!

14 thoughts on “BYOS

  1. BBQ

    Was a good morning @Sundial

    It dawned on me when I got home that a year ago today I was officially named @BBQ. Can’t believe a year has flown by but more importantly I’m so greatful for what all you brothers have done for me and continue to do for each other. Iron definitely sharpens iron. Thanks to the @PAX

    1. Gamma

      @BBQ – congrats on the year. I remember your naming day well. It was cold that day and that’s when I realized I wouldn’t be the only idiot wearing shorts throughout the winter! You have been a huge part of this pax and we thank you for your leadership and your drive to make us all better.

      @SunDial – great workout this morning. Loved the movement around the AO.

      1. BBQ

        Thanks @Gamma. And in case you were wondering, I remember that morning vividly. Not because I was named but because of the sheer torture your pyramid workout was. I couldn’t believe I could work so hard and we didn’t even move from under that portico.

  2. escalade

    Strong lead Sun Dial. Man up’s after Clock Merkins was not easy.

    Happy Birthday Clueless! Still stronger than most guy’s half your age.
    Today’s wisdom gift. Growing up near farms in VA, my Dad always told me if I went over and picked up that calf every day, by the time it was a full grown cow I could pick up a cow. For a while I believed him! Just keep getting stronger every day. Just think how strong we’ll be when we get to 80.

  3. Clueless

    Thanks for the birthday shout out fellas! The things we do in F3 workouts make me feel like a kid again. I guess we’ll have some cow tipping to do in the future escalade…

    Solid lead this morning Sun Dial! I had no idea we’d be humping/jumping a fence this morning. Fun stuff…

  4. Billy Goat

    Good lead @SunDial…and @Rooster, sorry for the attempt to hold you with 1 arm on your leg before flipping over the fence. Let’s just say that I don’t even think @Tumbler could have stopped you from going over.

    1. Gamma

      Unless I was doing it wrong, it’s a SSH mixed with a squat (squat down, jump up with feet out and hands overhead, then back down to a squat with hands at your side).

      1. SunDial Post author

        That is correct…basically a SSH straight into a mini air squat, touching your hands to your legs/feet

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