Highway to Hill

It seems 18’F in November keeps some of the regulars in the fartsack. But not everyone – Ribshack and YHC took to the streets to see if they could sweat under all the layers. So did they?

Typically the Road Warriors just start running, however, YHC thought with temps in the teens some dynamic stretches would do some good.

SSH x 20
Air Squat x 10
16 High Knees OYO (in place)
Skip around parking lot (remember them from back in the day?)

The goal was to get in some miles and stay relatively warm. Hill repeats will do the trick.  PAX moseyed from Town Center to Harrisburg Park. Luckily, none of the PAX became grill ornaments crossing the Hwy 49 intersections.

  • Once in park, run to bottom of hill, down far right parking lot, and stop at fence line
  • At bottom, 5 jump squats
  • Run all the way up driveway, pass library to the park entrance
  • At top, 10 air squats
  • Run back down driveway and repeato until YHC yells halt

At 0605, mosey back to Town Center.


2014-11-19 Road Warriors

More run details available on Garmin Connect.


  • PAX ran 4.65 miles, including 4 hill repeats, 20 jump squats, and 40 air squats. A frosty sweat covered the PAX when they returned. Mission accomplished.
  • @Ribshack shared his displeasures of running loops around-and-around the track. He referred to it as “insanity.” Mid-way through YHC commented on how running up and down the hill was SO different than 400M track work. It provided so much more “variety.”
  • Some good 2ndF along the route too this AM.

9 thoughts on “Highway to Hill

  1. BBQ Post author

    Tclaps to @Ribshack for being the only man crazy enough to join me this AM. Was a good run and good 2ndF. Had he not come out, I might have just stayed in the car. But glad I didn’t. Where were the rest of you?

    1. RibShack

      @BBQ- I thought that you were probably disappointed when we drove up. You looked quite comfy in your nice warm car! Good run, good company. Thanks for the lead. Speaking of warm, it sure was nice having the @Riblet warm up the truck for me before we got back! #trainthemright

    1. BBQ Post author

      You were missed @SoloCup. I even said to @Ribshack when we started that I was surprised even Solo didn’t come out in the cold. Can’t believe you wasted so much time this AM – and to think we were just talking about the lean method on Monday.

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