WIB Week Pre-Blast: Tradition v. Highlands

Thanks to Tradition’s fearless leader @Dingo running his tweets faster than his sub-2 hour half marathon feet, it sounds like the boys from down Prosperity way want a piece of Highlands. And so WIB Week is born.

It’s simple… AO v. AO… Pax v. Pax… WIB vs. WIB. Here’s the Thang:

  • Skyline Grinder: Tuesday, Nov 18 @ 0525 Instruction; 0530 Launch – Highland Creek Elementary
  • Old Glory: Thursday, Nov 20 @ 0525 Instruction; 0530 Launch – Stonebridge Church

WIB Week Rules:

  • Top 7 Pax score for their team; an additional 3 can displace their competitor’s placement
  • One point per place; combined low score between both beatdowns wins (modified cross country scoring)
  • Honor system for counts (an F3 man does not cheat himself or his brothers)
  • Only quality form counts (an F3 man does not cheat himself or his brothers)
    • If not a quality rep, you can be called out by another Pax (use “F3Nickname – rep!”)
    • If you’re called for a non-quality rep – add one penalty rep if set is up to 20; two reps if set is 21+

Skyline Grinder:

  • Run out front entrance of ES/MS, left on Highland Creek Parkway to base of Skyline Dr.
    • 10 muscle-ups on the wall (quality rep: arms must lock out at top; feet on ground at bottom)
    • 40 air squats (quality rep: hands must touch the top back of your shoes; legs lock out at top)
    • Run up Skyline and into the first cul-de-sac on the LEFT
    • 10 three-merican (normal, wide, diamond) burpees (quality rep: chest to ground at bottom; lock out arms at top; feet at least 3 inches off ground on jump)
    • 40 little baby crunches (quality rep: shoulder blades off the ground when up)
    • Run back down to the base of Skyline Dr.
    • Rinse and repeat until 0605 (time will be called)
  • Run back the way you came (no cutting through the concrete rabbit hole; if you do = DQ)
  • Report your completed rounds and (for partial rounds) reps on scoring sheet
  • Placement by fastest back with most rounds completed within 40:00 minutes
  • Starting with 41:00 – lose 1 full round per minute late (40:59 no penalty; 41:00 = 1 round; 42:00 = 2 rounds; etc.)

Ice up and report for Part 2 (Old Glory) on Thursday as detailed above.