Return to Minnow’s Loop

Four men, stepped into the gloom to take on another edition of the Road Warrior.

The Thang
  • Up Kee Ln, Left on Carl Parmer Dr, Left on Tyler Drive, Right on Center Pl Dr, stop in front of neighborhood pool (.5m)
  • Around Minnow’s Loop at max effort, 20 Merkins or 20 Air Squats (Runner Choice), 1 min recovery, Repeato x 6 (3 m)
  • Straight on Center PL Dr, Left on Harrisburg PL, Left on Physicians Blvd (.8 m)

4.3 miles (according to Banjo Boy’s app)


COT/ Warrior One
  1. Outstanding effort men, I enjoyed our time together
  2. BBQ is a beast, and Banjo Boy is really kicking it into gear.  I almost caught him slipping and came very close to passing him on the last loop
  3. Ribshack, you continue to amaze me by your weekly progress.  6 months ago you told me you weren’t a runner.  It won’t be long before I am chasing you.
  4. Let’s not forget the Men’s Athletic shoes for SoleRedemption. Check out BBQ for the details
  5. Schedule C and I will be paying our 6 Burpee’s in the Easiest F3 Burpee Challenge Ever tomorrow.  Want us to change the name? Donate something (anything) to the Food Pantry.  We are doing 1 Burpee for each pound collected.



Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “Return to Minnow’s Loop

  1. RibShack

    @SoloCup- you’re too kind but thanks for the motivation! If I wasn’t clomping & wheezing along a half mile behind you guys I might believe you! Thanks for the strong lead & the push 2x there at the end of the first 4 go ’rounds. Enjoyed it!

  2. BBQ

    Thanks for leading us @SoloCup. Good to have you and the other guys out there to push ourselves.

    @BanjoBoy – Strong push, espcecially on the 4th set. Nice work!

    @RibShack – Agree w/@SoloCup with your willpower to push yourself. You say you aren’t a runner but I’d disagree. You better pick an upcoming race (5k, 10k, whatever) and DO IT. With all this training you are more than ready.

  3. SSMinnow

    Way to work hard, men! Glad to see this loop has a name now, even though it is not a very intimidating name. @SoloCup – your pain stations add another level of difficulty to the loop.

    I’ll be back out with the PAX for Road Warrior again soon…..still having some glute/hamstring issues….may switch to the half for TR this Saturday.

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