Veterans Day Celebration

As the Grandson of a WW2 veteran, the son of a Vietnam veteran and the brother of a currently serving Iraq and Afghanistan veteran it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to lead a workout on a day where we shout a little thanks to all of the men and women who have served. Thank You to all of You. The men of The Precinct came out this morning to Honor You. We all know there are 13 stripes and 50 stars on the Flag our veterans served under. So we are going to complete 50 reps of 13 different exercises. It went a little like this…


warm up:

Plank of Allegiance (which YHC skipped a line.)

mosey to tennis courts



Arm circles small to big forward/backwards



All exercises 25 reps and single count

1. merkins

2. LBC

3.Carolina Dry Dock

4.WW2 situp


pause for 2 rounds of suicide sprints

6. mountain climbers

7.wide merkins

8.the W

9. plank jacks

10.jump squat

pause for 2 more rounds of suicides

11.Apollo Ohno

12. Freddy Mercury

13. Plank (1st round Pax sang the National Anthem, 2nd round Pax sang America The Beautiful)


mosey to W.O.W. (wall of wellington) and in honor of the Marine Corps birthday the Pax will give the Corps 75 muscle ups. They were born on 11\10\75…1775 that is.

mosey to very sloped parking lot for a round of MARY led by our veterans in attendance.

Skipper – mason twist (and 25 more merkins for merkvember)

CinderBlock – low flutter

IronWolf- homer to MARS?

The Cold Moleskin:

1. Thanks to our Veterans. Without your willingness to sacrifice none  of this would be possible.

2. As always it is always an Honor to lead you fine men. Thanks for giving me this pleasure.

3. The men of The Precinct have many talents. However singing is not one of them. #tonedefcrew

4. Welcome to the FNG’s BabyFace and Superfly.


9 thoughts on “Veterans Day Celebration

  1. FunkyBunch Post author

    We didn’t move around the AO as much as I normally like to. Hopefully you all still got a good workout in. I’m sure Man Down will have you all jumping around on Thursday.

  2. Prison Fruit

    It’s F3 official now @FunkyBunch. I guess it’s not a bad idea anyways, to use the nickname the founder himself gave me. Thanks for the more “politically correct” nickname though @pharoah; but who cares to be Politically Correct these days anyways! Thanks for the Nice and Chilly Willy workout this gloom @FunkyBunch. FYI, suicides SUCK in the cold!!!

  3. Man Down

    Thanks for the creative Q today Funky Bunch! One of my favorite things about F3 workouts is the variety of leaders and not knowing what the workout will be.
    Welcome to our newest Pax – Cinder Block, Superfly, and Babyface. Keep coming guys!

  4. FunkyBunch Post author

    I would argue they aren’t much fun in the heat either.

    T-clapps to ManDown for being the only one to make 75 muscle ups! #foundtheshortwall

  5. Dingo

    Awesome to see Cinderblock out at The Precinct!! He was named up at Bloack Mountain, has already led an exercise and has “Q” written all over him!!

    Welcome to Superfly and Babyface also! Cant wait to hear the stories behind these names!

    1. Man Down

      Superfly was my EH. Met him a couple weeks ago at my clinic. He’s a pharmaceutical rep. So my line of thinking went “Drug rep…drug dealer…drug lord!” looked up some famous ones and came across Frank Lucas aka “Superfly” who was the guy they made the movie “American Gangster” about. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

  6. Skipper

    Nice lead @Funky! Definitely kept warm while mostly staying in one spot.
    Before you brand all #Precinct men as non-singers, you need to give @AxeEffect another tryout. That kid sounded decent, at least we know he has the lungs to sprint.

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