Black Mtn Beatdown!

17 men braved the sub freezing temps at The Blue Ridge Assembly conference center at Black Mountain. ┬áTradition and Highlands Pax were well represented, including 3 FNG’s!

the thang;

mosey to some parking lot

circle up

  1. 12 x ssh
  2. 12 x ist
  3. 12 x mc
  4. 10 x squats
  5. 10 x mericans

mosey to rail of doom

10 x partner merkins over rail

10 x partner get ups

Bunny hop stairs

repeat x 3

10 x partner partner dips on rail

10 x partner throw downs

10 x decline merkins

Mosey to under pass

peoples chair, balls to the wall, people’s chair

mosey to base of stairs

Main group cack a lack a choo choo

2 men at a time break of to do reverse Spider-Man merkins

stair/hill suicides

first level 10 merkins

2nd level 10 WWII situps

3rd level 10 Sumo squats

all you got to too of the 4 level

Great job men!!



3 thoughts on “Black Mtn Beatdown!

  1. Dingo Post author

    Perfect morning for a beatdown!! The air was fresh, the men were tough and the stairs were brutal!!

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