Photo Op :) No photo op :(

26 Traditioners put on their finest gloom gear, fixed their hair, applied make-up(That was just Magma) and prepared for their Charlotte Magazine photo shoot!

One problem……The photographer fartsacked…….

Oh, well!  It was good to see our Precinct brothers after a whole 1 workout split!  Hey!  A reunion is always special!  Right Striker??!!

  1. Mosey around Church
  2. 20 x SSH
  3. 20 x IST
  4. 20 x MC
  5. 20 x merkins
  6. 10 x Squats

While we warmed up, The Precinct ran from their AO up to ours, little over 1/2 mile.  The two pax’s joined forces and the beat down began!

Race(THIS IS A RACE) around the church and the plank lineup in finishing order.  Groups were split up evenly to account for speed

Split into groups of 4 – Groups were split up evenly to account for speed

This is a race!

Circuit 1

  • 200 x push ups
  • 100 x mountain climbers
  • 200 x CDD
  • team members run around church
  •  plank until last group is done
  • (Man Down led COP)

Circuit 2

  • 100 partner get ups
  • 100 WWII situps
  • 100 Partner throwdowns
  • team membesr run around church
  •  plank until last group is done

We did our own photo shoot 😉

The Precinct ran back to their  AO

Mary – various exercise

The Naked Moleskin;

  1. Great to be out there with you guys!
  2. Even better that Magma came out of the workout without any stab wounds(Long story)
  3. No Photographer, I guess the chance off rain pushed him back into the fartsack……maybe we should call him Kemosabe jr
  4. You guys are pushing hard out there!  Im seeing bellies disappear and strong confident men all around me!!  Keep going through the winter, its only cold, and you will come out even stronger in the Spring!!

15 thoughts on “Photo Op :) No photo op :(

  1. Magma

    Glad to be back out at Tradition today.

    @Dingo-tough workout, had the TBQ multiple times

    @icicle-thanks for sparing my life today.

  2. Pharaoh

    @Pax – great to see all of you! Good Work!
    @Dingo – fun workout – always enjoy mumble chatter at your workouts!

  3. Maximus_MECA

    @dingo – great workout Dingo! – creative and different – keeps it fun and time flies by.

  4. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Dingo – awesome lead. This one was a killer.

    @Funky @Raptor, @ONJ – great teaming up with you men today. Definitely was a hard push but we kept it going strong. Nice work!

  5. The Farm

    I was so fast today that Dingo forgot to add me to the list of Pax in attendance! Great workout today Dingo. My fitbit was very happy after all of those laps around the church! However, my chest was not happy after all of those merkins and burpees. The guys doing merkvember are awesome/crazy.

  6. FunkyBunch

    Hey guys lets not miss the big picture. The reason why this opprutunity came about is that the founders of F3 saw something unique about us. I know there are a lot of great AO’s across F3 Nation filled with a lot of great guys. As I looked at the photo taken this morning I realized what makes Tradition so great. We are not the target demographic for F3. We range from age 16 to 60 at every boot camp. We range from landscapers to engineers and from carpenters to professors. From the outside looking in it would seem to be an unlikely group of guys. Tradition started March 4th with a lot of help and support from our brothers at Highlands. Thanx to them for that. When it was time for them to go back to their home AO, Tradition became it’s own. It is a true pleasure to be a part of a group with such diverse backgrounds and strong character. Keep it up Tradition. #traditionstrong

    1. The Farm

      Well said Funky. You guys keep me getting up at such an early hour several times a week. When I first started, I realized that I didn’t know most of your real names or what you do and then realized that none of that matters. F3 strips all of societies barriers away (e.g., titles, occupation, socioeconomic status, etc) and what’s left is just men bettering their bodies so that they will be around to be better men and leaders for themselves and others. As many times as it was explained to me, I didn’t truly get it until I started posting. Thank you guys for being you.

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Aye! Well said Funky. This is a great group of guys and I’m proud to be part of Tradition. T-claps goes to Dingo for all of his leadership. He always says this was a group effort, but it wouldn’t work without him leading us.

    3. Man Down

      A truck driver with eloquence…I’m impressed! Well said brother! Right there with ya and privileged to be a part of this!

  7. MrBelding

    A tear just rolled down my face reading these posts… Sorry I missed it this morning.

    Come to F3 D2 tonight at Dutch’s house from 7-8:30!

  8. Skipper

    Ahoy @FunkyBunch! And I thought you were just a pretty face, well said brother.
    @DrJelly is correct too! The Aussie has taken the reins and is moving us in the right direction! It’s great seeing many other men step up also, @Dutch, @Striker, @Magma, @Pharaoh….among others come to mind.

    T-claps Tradition! #proudTraditioner

  9. Dingo Post author

    Aye! I say it because it is true! WE created something special at Tradition. You guys are taking us on a hell of a ride!! And I for one, am loving every minute if it!!

    Let celebrate! Dec 6th, F3 Tradition Holiday party at Pippa’s!! 7:00 PM!! $15 all you can eat! Bring your M!

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