6 dudes and 1 four-legged dudette from Harrisburg enjoyed the surprisingly warmer (than yesterday) temps. A perfect morning to run, BBQ’s the Q…how about “The BBQ Route.” YHC threw in some extras merkins to help out @SoloCup (we don’t want anyone else wondering what he’s doing behind closed doors). However, merkins wouldn’t be the only obstacle on the road. Here’s the route:

2014-11-05 Road Warriors


More run details available on Garmin Connect.


  • Merkin total was +/- 90.  OYO everyone completed 50 (or more) plus 10 curb merkins (incline & decline) in cadence as a cool-down (sorta). Not to mention 4+ miles.
  • Thankfully the PAX made it back all in one piece (and that’s no joke). It seems the coffee was getting cold at Harrisburg Family House and drivers don’t have to look RIGHT before turning on red. It seems a white shirt, BRR reflective vest and a headlamp don’t matter when there’s hot coffee and bacon at 0600. The guy clearly never saw YHC. Thanks to the PAX for giving him an ear full as he wheeled away.
  • YHC has recommended RoadIDs many times before (thankfully didn’t have to put it to use this AM).  If you don’t have one – get one. They have a promo today and tomorrow.  Click here more info.
  • Tclaps to @SoloCup on the monthly merkin challenge. Keep it up brother. Glad the PAX could get you half way to today’s goal. If you run out of merkin ideas, I hear @Clueless knows a thing or two about ’em.
  • @Tumbler – you didn’t realize HB had hills, huh? Glad YHC was able to share some secrets.

6 thoughts on “Look RIGHT!

  1. BBQ Post author

    Nice job by everyone this AM. @SoloCup mentioned the importance of really staying together after the truck incident. Agreed. Everyone put in a strong effort and I enjoying being able to lead you guys.

  2. RibShack

    Good run. Thanks to @BBQ on the lead. Wasn’t much chatter in the rear today but plenty of squirrels & ankle pops! No bad attitudes in the back, just slow! LOL

  3. Gamma

    Nice route today, BBQ. Those hills back there definitely make us work for it. Strong work by all.

    I’m guessing that guys was still wondering what all the fuss was about, but one thing’s for sure – it takes more than a half-ton pickup to slow BBQ down!

  4. Starsky

    Officially got up and just did not show. Needed to show but the warmth of TV and coffee kept me home. Hate I missed it. That is one of my favorite routes in HB.

  5. SoloCup

    Those hills were tough and the temps were great.

    Thanks for the help with the Merkin Challenge; broke a 1,000 on those last set of Derkins

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