The Precinct is Born

The Precinct, not be confused with the lowest level governmentally related division in the election district. No sir, it’s where men come to brave the early morning gloom and elements to break themselves free mentally and physically. It’s a Precinct without walls, the kind that brings everyone in. On this frigid morn, we open with Traditions very own version. 14 Men posted on its inaugural launch. Got a good tour of the AO with lots of Merkins!

Warm up:

Mosey over to Prison Yard

Cotton picker

Prison Yard Suicides: (use side lines on both courts)

Line 1: 10 Merkins
Line 2: 10 Wide Merkins
Line 3: 10 diamond merkins
Line 4: 10 burpees


Mosey to the play ground.

Split group in half
10 pull ups

Mosey to the Sand Lot(volley ball court) for some Partner Push
Partner 1 push across and partner 2 back.

Mosey to the Gassy Knoll.
Circle up for a Merkin/Mt Climber ladder
Down from 10 staying in position for Mt Climbers

Mosey to parking lot at pool for full extension dips

Mosey to the Great Wall
10 wall jumps

Mosey down the sidewalk for a quick bear crawl.

From side walk, Bear crawl down little hill through drainage ditch and back up to the pool fence. Backwards bear crawl back to sidewalk.

Back to prison yard for one more round of suicides.

The W: 20ic
Low flutter: 20ic
Low Dolly: 20ic
LBC: 20ic
Box cutter: 20ic
Merkin: 10 slow down and explode up.

Great to see much of the CORE in attendance, hard work by all. @ Razor, awesome to see you back strong. Glad to have Funky Bunch to mumble it up. @ Icicle, your called to step up the Mumble when Funky’s not there. @ Funky Bunch, Yes, cops can have Mustaches…. Really… that’s like asking if cops can have donuts…

The Precinct is going to be a great place to get a variety of beatdowns by our Q’s. Step up we still have holes to fill!..

@ Uppercut, safe travels to London tonight, we are going to miss you!

10 thoughts on “The Precinct is Born

  1. Dingo

    Awesome work @striker!! I’m excited to get over to the Precinct! It’s awesome to have 2 choices of bootcamps within a half mile of each other!!

    Pax – you guys are awesome! I know the Precinct is going to be a success. Because I know the men in the CORE and you ARE what F3 is trying to achieve! #Traditionjustgotstronger

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Striker – this was an awesome opening workout for Precinct! Definitely a killer. You know it’s good if you don’t hear a peep out of @Funky.

    On the other hand, @ManDown had a pretty lethal one during Mary. Definitely up there on the @Funky level. #badMarylocationforme

  3. Pharaoh

    @Striker @Precinct Pax – Congratulations on the initial workout! Sounds fun, sounds like a great AO. I can see some convergences and some challenges in the future!

  4. Gump

    Why is it that just about every BB with @FunkyBunch in it there is talk of Digestive issues?

    Glad to see this workout get off the ground and wish you the best.. I will see you all in a few when I Q.. or you could go to an easier workout that day…

  5. Man Down

    @Striker – Great start for a great AO. Looking forward to more Precinct beatdowns from you and the rest of the Pax who step up!
    @The Closer & Frostbite – Tclaps for making the jog up to the AO.
    @Pax who live in Wellington – There were WAY too many cars in that lot this morning! Set that alarm 5 minutes earlier and give yourself a little warm-up jog to the AO next time. 🙂

  6. FunkyBunch

    @Striket great beatdown! It looks to be a great AO with lots of different challenges to take advantage of like the “GREAT WALL OF WELLINGTON”

    I was quite today cause I got scolded 5 min. Before the beatdown started to not disturb the neighbors. So maybe we can add muzzle chatter to the lexicon.

    @Gump you are correct I get mentioned whenever the subject of digestive issues is brought up. I admit I may have diarrhea of the mouth but @PantsDown seems to have the gas issues.

  7. Skipper

    T-Claps @Striker and #Tradition Pax! This week is the 3 year maniversary of my first F3 post. I used to travel up to Cornelius to workout and at that time I never imagined that F3 would make it to within 1 mile of my house. The #Precinct is a great thing! Now if I could just get home to try it out. #beentravelingtoomuch

  8. Iron Wolf

    I am proud to say I was there for the Precinct’s opening. One of the things I really liked was that we kept changing up workout locations. We’d mosey over to another spot every few exercises. Good job @Striker for Q’ing!

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