Stop at the Intersection

5 of Harrisburg’s finest came out to enjoy (what could be?) the last workout of the year that isn’t totally freezing.

The thang:
Basically, we ran the long stretches of the surrounding neighborhood, stopping at each intersection for 5 burpees. Specifically:

-Start — right on Kee Lane — left on Physicians Blvd — right on Roberta — left on Parallel — left on School Ave. — 5 burpees at School/Morris intersection – continue on Morris Dr — 5 burpees at Morris/Patricia intersection — continue on Morris Dr. — 5 burpees at Morehead intersection — right on Morehead — 5 burpees at Plaza/Patricia intersection — right on Plaza — 5 burpees at Patricia intersection — continue on Plaza Dr — 5 burpees at Plaza/School intersection — left on School Ave — 5 burpees at School/Parallel intersection — left on Parallel — 5 burpees at Parallel/Patricia intersection — continue on Parallel — 5 burpees at Parallel/Morehead intersection — right on Morehead — 5 burpees at Morehead/Autumn intersection — right on Autumn Ln — 5 burpees at Autumn/Woodside intersection – continue on Autumn — 5 burpees at Autumn/Patricia intersection — right on Patricia — 5 burpees at Patricia/Autumn Dr intersection — left on Autumn Dr — left on Parallel – back to Main Street to home base.

All in all, we were right at 4 miles running, and a total of 65 burpees. Awesome work, men!

1. Thanks for the opportunity for my Virgin Road Warriors Q. It was better than the fartsack I more than likely would have done!
2. Awesome work everyone, we all pushed ourselves…I know the burpees aren’t the easiest after running, but we all made it. Thanks for the mumble/chatter!
3. Never realized – until typing out our route – that there is an Autumn Lane and Autumn Drive – 2 different streets, basically next to each other – the people who came up with that were clearly starved for ideas!
4. Othello has something pretty interesting – and wooden – cooked up for tomorrow morning. Be there!

3 thoughts on “Stop at the Intersection

  1. RibShack

    @Sundial- good lead, liked the route & the interval exercises, thanks!
    @Gamma- good chatting with you, thanks for hanging back every now & then
    @Tumbler aka Sandbagger- you are fast my friend, thanks for the push at the end to bring it home

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