No Q again?

13 men showed up for Last Call this morning. After we realized we had no Q. Avalanche stepped up for the first bit, then passed it off to Forgotten Jelly.

The Thang

Mosey to parking lot
– SSH x 20
– IST x 20
– Merkins x 20

Mosey to hill
– 7 to 1 ladder (burpees at top of hill, LBCs at bottom)

Mosey to fence
– dips x 20
– derkins x 10

Tag to Forgotten Jelly

Mosey to rocks
– Curls
– Chest press
– Squats
– Pullovers
Repeat 2 times

Indian run around parking lot twice

Mosey to playground
– Pullups x 10
– Dips x 10
– WWII situps x 10
Repeat 2 times

Mosey to fields
– People’s chair
– Balls to the wall

Mosey back to cars for some Mary

– Thanks to Avalanche for stepping up and getting us started. I enjoyed leading as well.
– Nice job by all this morning. It was a cold morning.
– We need to get more people ready to Q.

3 thoughts on “No Q again?

  1. The Farm

    Three men (Gordo, Hotwheels, and The Farm) showed up for First Call at 6am. Gordo pretended to not know how to lead us for the first minute and then proceeded to inflict pain on us for the remaining 59 minutes.

  2. Dingo

    Aye! A bunch of us will be back after we finish training for Thunderroad on Nov 15th.

    Thanks for stepping up guys! I see a lot more names at this workout that would be great Q’s! Even if you think you’d be a mediocre Q, we still want you to step up! Only one way to get good at something.

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