Kettlebell Spartan

7 Harrisburg men knew this weather is nothing compared to what lies ahead, so they came out to get stronger with a little kettlebell work.

*disclaimer – The events depicted in this backblast actually happened. Any similarity to a recent Macbeth workout is completely intentional.

Short mosey around the lot
Mountain Climbers x10
Merkins x10
Air Squats x10

The Spartan
Three and a half rounds of 10 exercises, for one minute each – AMRAP for 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. SSH x10 in between each round.
1. KB Goblet Squat
2. Mountain Climbers
3. KB Chest Presses
4. KB High Rows
5. Alternating KB Lunges
6. KB Alternating KB Merkins
7. KB Curls
8. KB Lawn Mowers
9. Alternating KB Clean/Press
10. Plank

Low Flutter with KBs pressed x25
LBC with KBs on chest x25


1. Great to see some new faces at Harrisburg Iron. We used every available KB…even the smaller ones, but those were still heavier than the KBs the fartsackers lifted.
2. With time running out, we only had time for a half round after the first three. Riblet made the call for odds, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with wanting to avoid the KB Merkins.
3. Speaking of Riblet, being a HateHateHate gets you no leniency, hence being called out by Diesel. All joking aside, he’s a good kid who’s learning a valuable lesson early about accountability.
4. Banjo Boy may have inadvertantly given us a glimpse into his past wardrobe during the Alternating Lunges. Trying to switch hands was tricky with what he referred to as “MC Hammer pants.” As it gets colder, we’re betting a Members Only jacket comes out.
5. Paris, I’m sure Countertop had a good reason for not showing up this morning, so you may have to take back all those things you said about him.
6. Turns out Ribshack and I were both waiting to see if anyone would sign up to Q, knowing that either one of us (or Diesel) would lead if no one did. I blinked first. Never was very good at chicken…

Pax tibi,

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