LOOK, asteroids!

16 Harrisburg men met in the chilly gloom for another round of pain. Here’s what drug them down…

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Mosey thru parking lot doing reverse mosey, high knees, and butt kickers
COP – SSH x 25, IST x 20, Windmill x 10

THE THANG (x denotes cadence):
Mosey into the darkness to find the rock pile. No worries, YHC brought the headlamp and inspected all rocks to ensure they were sufficient for the PAX. YHC informed the PAX to “pick a good one, you’re gonna have it for a while.”

Select a rock and mosey back (with rock) to parking lot for more COP:
Rock curls x 10
Rock chest press x 10
Rock tricep extensions x 10
Rock squats x 10

Mosey (with rock) to the ridge for ladder:
1 Overhead rock press at bottom, sprint up hill
15 Rock squats, sprint down hill
Repeato 2/14, 3/13, etc.
PAX that finished early noticed GIANT asteroids in the sky while performing Low Dolly with the rock.

Mosey (with rock) to the parking lot islands:
PAX drop all rocks at center island and splits up at 6 other islands.
Perform 5 merkins at outer island
Sprint to center island
Grab rock and perform 5 rock squats
Sprint to next island (clock-wise)
Repeato through all 6 islands until you return to starting point
PAX that finished early held plank and performed Mountain Climbers x 10

Mosey back to rock pile
On the way stop at picnic tables for Nut Crushers x 10 (aka Dips w/rock in lap)

MARY (x denotes cadence):
LBC x 20
Squirm x 10
Pretzel x 10 (R & L)
Low Dolly x 10 (keep feet up)
Low Flutter x 10 (feet still up)
Reverse Crunch x 20 (recover, recover)



  • Tclaps to the whole PAX for showing up and putting in another strong effort this AM.
  • As @Ribshack mentioned, it had been a while since the PAX used the rock pile. One thing YHC didn’t factor in was the tempeture of the rocks. Extra Tclaps to those who pushed thru without gloves. It’s about that time to pick-up a pair if you ain’t got’em. Don’t worry though, @Rooster waits until temps are in single digits to bring his out.
  • @Solo Cup muttered something about taking all day to complete the ladder.  And @Chaos had to use his toes to keep count each time. Luckily, YHC had @Uneasy Rider and @The Magnificent keeping him honest. Math was never YHC’s best subject.
  • @Gamma says only us youngsters have to worry about the Nut Crushers. Hmm, maybe that’s the problem…
  • If you think you’re ready to Q or aren’t really ready to Q, come out THIS Saturday for a brief how to. @Solo Cup is the Q and you’re guaranteed to be ready after Sat.
  • Reminder about #SoleRedemption – old/used men’s athletic shoes, washed, dried, and tied together. I’m not saying how many YHC has at this point but need a lot more to reach the F3 goal (and bragging rights). See @BBQ for details.

6 thoughts on “LOOK, asteroids!

  1. SSMinnow

    Tough beatdown $BBQ….felt like kettle bells crossed with running and hill climbing too….I did not see anyone blistering the pavement, or the hill with those rocks in tow.

    I’m not sure if all the rocks made it back onto the pile. @ShortCircuit said something about always wanting a pet rock, he may have taken his home

  2. RibShack

    @BBQ- I think there should be some sort of disclaimer (BEFOREHAND) when you have a bunch of rocks for brains pick up rocks…..Me, @SoloCup & @ Diesel were all doing our best @Tumbler imitation (+45lb pebbles)….yeah, that just doesn’t work to well trotting all over the parking lots & up the Ridge!!! All good though, enjoyed it. Thanks for the lead!
    @Diesel- thanks for the chatter this morning & then the lead back to Mary

  3. Diesel

    @Ribshack- right back at you.
    @Gamma- thanks for stepping up with the Q for tomorrow and Saturday.
    @Pax- we need more Q’s. I need to Q more myself and not allows rely on the in-shape more experienced Q’s. If you have been coming out for a few months now, you’re ready. Go to Q school and get the in’s and out’s of Q’ing a workout (cadence, exercises, how to count when you can barely breath etc). Professor SoloCup would love to have a good 6am Q school posting Saturday.

  4. SoloCup

    Looking forward to seeing: Short Circuit, Dragnet, The Magnificent, Uneasy Rider 0600 on Saturday.

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