Cinderblock Lovin

8 of Tradition’s strongest met for Buckwheat’s virgin Iron Fist Q which involved a lot QT with cinderblocks. It went a little something like this…

Short mosey around parking lot.


SSH x10
Windmill x10
Cotton Pickers X10

Stretches – Hamstring, quads, arm circles forward and backward

Mosey to outback and grab a cinderblock!

The Thang:

5 CB Burpees OYO

Sets of 12 X 10 X 8 X 6 of the following exercises:

CB Swings
CB Shoulder Press
CB Squats
Two-handed CB Bicep Curls
CB Clean and Press

Cooldown: Walk to street and back

5 CB Burpess OYO

12 X 10 X 8 X 6 of the following:

Chest Flutter Press
Squat Press
High Pull/Upright Row
Step Ups (one leg on block step up bringing other knee to chest) + Flapjack
Standing Tricep Extensions

5 CB Burpees OYO

Since we finished a little earlier than anticipated, why not do 20 dips (bars or picnic table) and finish up with 20 incline merkins.

Mosey back to church parking lot and joined the Couch to 5k Crew (Uppercut, Raptor, Guiness, and Trail Mix) for Pax Choice M.A.R.Y./COP:

20 LBC’s – Buckwheat, The W – Chicken Strip, The Low Dolly – Smokey?

COT w/ Couch to 5K Crew

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, gentlemen. It was an honor!

Great work this morning everyone!

Iron Fist is my favorite workout. I was looking to provide a total body beatdown with some muscle confusion. Hopefully I accomplished the mission.

Thanks for bringing us home at the end, Sensei.

4 thoughts on “Cinderblock Lovin

  1. Dutch

    Buckwheat – good cinder workout this morn.and congrats of the VQ, great job. Look forward to many more circles of pain with you at the Q.

  2. The Farm

    Somebody keep Buckwheat off YouTube! Just kidding. Great workout! I was actually going to do the cruise today but got there late, saw you guys, and decided to join. CB clean and presses are even worse without gloves. I strongly advise against it.

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    LOL on You Tube. There’s some crazy stuff on there! Sorry about the clean and presses tearing up your hands. I always wear gloves and it didn’t occur to me that this much cinder block work would tear up ones hands. Mental note made for the future!

    1. The Farm

      Keep ’em coming brother! I usually wear gloves but planned on cruising this am. I’m pretty sure iron fists don’t have soft palms!

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