Around and Around in the Rain

Four hardy men welcomed the cooling effects the rain provided in this ladder interval workout

The Thang

0.5 mile warm-up run to the Town Center ‘track’

Ladder interval work that went like this: 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, with a couple of minutes rest between each interval

0.5 mile cool-down run back to Town Center

Naked Moleskin

Way to work hard in the rain, guys. Once again, @BBQ was the class of the pack….#itspayingoff

@Gamma…strong and steady work on all the intervals

@Rib Shack … you had a LOT left on that last AYG 400m interval

I think we all had our preferred ‘lane’ to avoid puddles, but we all wound up just as wet…..#embracetherain



5 thoughts on “Around and Around in the Rain

  1. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – another good lead this AM. I heard the rain when I woke up but knew the PAX would still be out. No excuses, I had to post. Thanks for leading us around the “track.” I’m liking the 400/800/1200/1600m sprints.

    @Gamma – I can’t believe you left the jacket on the whole time. I just knew you’d pull it off like @Ribshack after the first lap. You proved me wrong. Maybe I should have tried it – I’m sure you left drier than me. Maybe…

    @Starsky – sorry the water fountain soaked your face after your treadmill run. You nearly looked like us Road Warriors.

    1. Gamma

      As much as I hate running, I’m starting to “like” the intervals as well….except for getting lapped by @BBQ on the 1st 1200. I know you’re fast, but I still don’t like it! Thanks for the push.

      @RibShack – strong work this morning. You were right up with those two for 100m on the last lap. Keep pushing it like that and eventually that’ll turn into 200m…then 300m, etc.

      @SSMinnow – your “I’ve run in worse conditions” comment helped set the tone: no whining, ignore the rain and just run. As always, thanks for your leadership.

    2. RibShack

      @BBQ- DA move to try & wear a body codom but I really didn’t care to stand there in the rain until 5:30am….I’ll pull a @Chaos move next time & just show up just on time if it’s raining!

      1. RibShack

        Though not sure I can explain why it was ok to run in the rain but not ok to stand there in the rain……

  2. RibShack

    @SSMinnow- I’d be lying if I said I “liked” any of it but then again it was all good….Good run, good weather, good company…..good lead sir!

    @BBQ- thanks for setting the pace… of the days I’ll catch you! I guess when I do you can get out of the chair & congratulate me!!

    @Gamma- good chat, I’d have said more but couldn’t breathe so we’ll continue the rest of the story on a easy peasy boot camp or something…

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