Speed Work and a Sky Show

Five strong men met for some speed work and were treated to a rare lunar eclipse on this clear crisp morning.

The Thang

0.6 mile warm-up run to YHC’s favorite 400 meter loop in Town Center. Then we pushed ourselves with the following 6 runs with 2 minutes recovery at the end of each run.

2 x 1600m (4 laps each)

2 x 800m (2 laps each)

2 x 400m – (1 lap each…AYG)

Naked Moleskin

I appreciate the opportunity to lead this workout, men.

Super hard work @Banjo Boy, @Gapper, @Tumbler, & @BBQ…..as evidenced by the wheezing after the last 400m lap

The eclipse was pretty cool…..provided a (very) small distraction from the pain of the speed work

2 thoughts on “Speed Work and a Sky Show

  1. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – I’ve really been enjoying these speed workouts. I woke up not wanting to come out. But having you guys there helped motivate me to be there and push myself. Iron Sharpens Iron – very true when it comes to speed work. And yes, everyone’s chests were heaving after all them laps.

    @Gapper – glad we didn’t have to pick you up off the ground when your “batteries were drained.” However, know that we would of done it if you needed it. No man left behind…or left on the ground.

  2. SSMinnow Post author

    Almost forgot…@Rooster made an appearance too….thanks for coming out for support, brother….hope the knee will allow you to get some workouts in again soon too

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