Just some running

8 men arrived at the HB town hall to do something. Ribshack asked YHC what he had planned but YHC wouldn’t reveal, “just some running” (truth be told, YHC had no plan). So here’s what happened.

WARM-UP: None, the legs didn’t take long to warm up.

THE THANG (sprints & pain stations denoted):
Start on Main/Keen
Run up Main
Left on Harrisburg
Cross Roberta to Parallel
Right on Autumn (w/sprint)
Right on Patricia (w/sprint)
Turn around at Morehead and continue on Patricia (w/Merkins x 10)
Left on Woodside (Mtn climbers x 10)
Right on Autumn (Air squats OYO)
Left on Parallel
Right on Roberta side walk
Left on Physicians
Left on Kee
Right on Town Center
Right on Carl Parmer
Right to continue on Carl Parmer
Right on Main
Right on Town Hall (w/sprint)
At corner of Town Center, circle back to corner of Main (w/sprint)
At corner of Main, circle back again and turn left on Town Center (w/sprint)
Left on Kee to finish

MARY (x denotes cadence):
LBC x 10
W x 10
Low Flutter x 10
Crunchy Frong x 15 (Solo Cup, of course)
Squirm x 15 (Oz)

COT (w/Warrior One)


  • Great job by the entire PAX this morning! Goal was to really stay together and not let the group get too spread out. Seemed like a successful morning. See @Ribshack, the PAX can stay together!
  • Total mileage was between 4.5-4.8 miles at a 8:20/min pace. Solid work!  YHC heard some mumbblechatter from @Tumbler about bringing down the average pace with the added pain stations. Point taken, hopefully the added sprints made up for the lost time.
  • Tclaps to @Betwitched for coming out. Wasn’t that your first Road Warriors post?
  • @Ribshack – sure hope the clicking sound YHC heard with each stride was a loose shoe string or something and not a cracking knee, ankle, etc. What was it?
  • If the Garmin site starts working again you can view the details of the run here. The site appears down at the moment.
  • REMINDERS: (1) Final days to turn in your soup to @Solo Cup and @Schedule C. The food pantry will be ever so greatful.  (2) Mud runners, read the pre-blast here from Chowder.  Meet at 0500, buses leave at 0515 with or without you.

6 thoughts on “Just some running

  1. BBQ Post author

    Once again, nice job everyone! I was tired and sleepy when we started but thanks to you guys I was awake by the end. Trust me, if I weren’t leading today I would not have left the fartsack – glad I did though. Now how do I keep from passing out at my desk this afternoon?

  2. RibShack

    @BBQ- Hey, we anchors have to have something to gripe about! If there isn’t a last there can’t be a first! Seriously though, thanks for accommodating the slower pace when necessary & coming back when needed. That clicking noise is my right ankle; just pops every step when running or doing stairs. Hurts like a mother; a party in every step!!

    @Bewitched- Good chatting with you this morning. Judging from your running experience you’ll be pacing the PAX sooner than you are thinking. Hope to see you out again soon!

    @Tumbler, @Gamma- Thanks for the offer on Friday. I should be ok, if anything changes I’ll let you know.

    @Oz, @Solocup- Looking forward to Saturday!

  3. SoloCup

    Nice run this morning. Did my best to stay towards the front of the Pax.

    Way to power through to till the end @RibShack and @Bewitched.

  4. Gamma

    Another good one, BBQ. Great job of getting the miles in while keeping the pax together – no man left behind!

    All in favor of banning Solo Cup from ever again saying he’s not a runner? It’s official….he can move.

    On a similar note, I get the feeling Tumbler’s once-every-couple-months post at Road Warrior is just to remind us that, yes, he can run, he just chooses not to.

    1. BBQ Post author

      Completely agree with you Gamma. @Solo Cup looked super strong up in the front this AM.

      Likewise, @Tumbler sure can move, sprints or distance running he does both well, but keeps it hidden.

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