Rest, Who needs Rest

Eight stronger men came out not to run, but to move some iron up and down.

Warm Up
Skip half way down the parking lot, Karaoke right to the end
Karaoke left back to half way, defensive slide back to Kettle bells.
SSH X 15
Wide Merkins X 10

The Thang
The following where done Tabata style: 20 seconds of lifting 10 seconds to rotate to the next bell. Each exercise was done for 4 sets and then we switched to another lift. The moves were

Bench (ex:20 secs lift, 10 secs to Rotate, 20 secs lift, 10 to Rotate, 20 secs lift, 10 to Rotate, 20 secs lift, 10 secs to rotate)
Incline Bench
Lunge with Pass through
Shoulder Press
Upright Row
Tricep Extension
Merkin with lift
Calf Raise
Dead Lift
Lawn Mower
Figure 8 Curl
Clean and Press

15 X Low Dolly with Press
15 X The W with Bell
15 X The Squirm
10 X Mason Twist with Bell
15 x Rosalita with Bells
5 X Banana/Superman

1. Good workout men. As promised no running just lifting. Remember as the saying goes, it does not get easier, but you will get stronger.
2. If you did on average 10 reps per 20 seconds, then you did a total of 640 reps for the workout. That doesn’t count all the getting up and down that was required for the rotation.
3. Thank you Titleist for not throwing up in the circle (he did not throw up at all, but did scare us once).
4. Not much chatter this morning, except for pointing out Lunchbox’s yellow shirt during Superman/Banana.
5. If you are doing Rosalita with bells, should it be called Rosalito? Just a thought
Remember soups for the Food Pantry. Tomorrow at Harrisburg park 0600 Mud run Training 0700 Diesel has the lead celebrating his one year.

6 thoughts on “Rest, Who needs Rest

  1. SSMinnow

    @Tumbler…that was a high-intensity circuit workout…glad there were KB options at some of the stations…the merkin with lift seemed particularly tough for me

    @Lunch Box … good to see you back out in the gloom…..though the stadium lights made it not so gloomy…..#whatwasthatabout?

  2. RibShack

    @Tumbler- good stuff man, I liked the format. My arms are still burning. I think that has to be the most reps we’ve done on a Friday….or maybe we just never counted on the other days? Varying the weights was good also; pushed ourselves on the boat anchors & just when we needed it made it to the lighter side of the circle.

  3. Clueless

    @Tumbler – great workout and great lead! I’ll be feeling that one all day.

    @Titleist – great observation on @LunchBox’s shirt… made the bananas feel real

    Good work fellas

    1. Titleist

      Yeah, I almost spilled merlot for sure! It was the Halos. I had 35 lbs I think over my head and I haven’t moved like that before. Definitely was a smokefest this morning. The merkins with bell raises was not for me, either Minnow. This morning, I didn’t think I would be able to lift a pen after all those reps but surprisingly I wasn’t feeling the workout until about an hour ago. And now I can’t lift a pen. Go figure. Great Q Tumbler….I saw your tweet and said, hrm…I can do that. But when I get there, I felt duped since karaoke is running in my book. Good thing I started running lately.

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