Are you TIREd yet?

The flood gates were opened and 25 men (including 3 FNGs and 1 former FNG) showed up – and showed up strong. YHC gave the disclaimer (somewhat) and the beatdown commenced.

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
Mosey to stop sign, circle up and perform SSH x 25 & Windmill x 10
Mosey to first driveway, circle up and perform Mtn Climber x 15 & Merkins x 15
Mosey to bus parking lot, circle up and perform Air Squat x 15 & CDD x 15
Mosey to loading dock and perform Dips x 15 & Air Squats x 15

COP (Circle of Pain) 3 minute BURPEE challenge – peform as many burpees as you can in 3 min.
Mosey behind school, Cacka lacka choo choo 2x

Mosey to the tires:
Count off by 4s. Each team pick a tire…oops, too many people on a team. YHC shuffled the PAX.

Tire flips & sprints – 2 men alternate flipping the tire 100 yds. While they flip, other 2 men sprint 3x down/back (total of 300 yds). All teams finish at opposite end of field.

100 yds of flipping for 2 men was a little ambitious so the teams flap jacked after 50 yds and continued to the end of the field. PAX performed Merkins while remaining PAX completed tire flips.

Tire speed: Each man flip once, jump-in tire and jump-out, then run to back of line. Repeato with next man and continue length of field (100 yds).

First team finished gets to return their tire (and all the extras). The PAX not returning tires starts pre-Mary.

LBC x 10ish
W x 10ish
Mosey back to shovel flag

Mason Twist x 10ish
Low Flutter x 10ish (hold it)
Low Dolly x 10ish (hold it)
Rosalita x 10ish (recover, recover, recover)

COT (Circle of Trust)


  • It was an honor to lead the group this AM. YHC was impressed with the turn-out. It seems weekday works are just as big (if not bigger) than Saturdays now. Any idea the record for a Harrisburg weekday workout?
  • YHC forgot to ask who completed the most burpees in 3 min? Another AO said 35 was their best. Did we beat it? Sound off below in the comments. The winner might just get a prize.
  • Welcome out to Justin Sigmon, Brian Jenkins, and Maurice Price! Glad to have all of you out this AM. You made the first big move by showing up but showing up at 0530 before work gets you extra credit. There might be a prize for that too. Come back out and see.
  • YHC was pleased to see none of the PAX hauled the tires off since the last beatdown. Don’t get any ideas, there are cameras around.
  • Please keep Law Dog and his family in your prayers with the passing of his mother.
  • Solo Cup and Schedule C are collecting soup this month for the local food pantry. The creamier the better.
  • Come stretch your tight muscles or strengthen your legs with yoga or running tomorrow. The fun begins at 0530 at Harrisburg Town Hall.

13 thoughts on “Are you TIREd yet?

  1. BBQ Post author

    Thanks again for coming out this morning guys. Great to see new faces too. I got somewhere in the 30s w/the burpees – lost count 2 min in. I sorta liked (hated) it so we might try that one again.

    1. Rooster_MS

      Nice lead, had a blast. Butttttt 3 minutes of burpees… Really BBQ really.

      Well my week of fatness is over what a good way to start back up in the prime.

      1. BBQ Post author

        @Rooster – forgot to say Kotters to you. Glad to see you out. It’s getting colder, I expect to see the guns blazing!

  2. Billy Goat

    Good lead BBQ, always enjoy the tires! Burpee count….stopped counting when you said, 1 minute down. Instead I counted about 50 BS calls in my head on each remaining movement of the burpees in the last 2 minutes.

    @Gamma and @Banjo Boy – hope you enjoyed the double barrel gun shots in the air about half way through the burpee extravaganza. I was really excited, ummmmm, no.

  3. Gamma

    Nice lead, BBQ. I think I was a few short of 35 on the Burpee Challenge…just a few.

    Billy Goat – that was definitely a sight. I’ve never seen that much enthusiasm for a burpee…some much needed comedy during three minutes of suck.

    Ginseng – great chatting with you this morning. Take care of that ankle.

    Justin, Brian, Maurice – nice to meet you all, and welcome to F3. Hope to see you back out there!

  4. Clueless

    Fun stuff BBQ… 3 minutes of burpees, not so much. I ended up w/ 45… definitely fatigued at the end. The broga will be much needed tomorrow.

  5. SSMinnow

    @BBQ…good workout…it seems I am not the only one who remembers the burpees the most from this workout…and it was just three minutes!….a tough three minutes indeed.

    Nice turnout this morning…welcome Heisenburg, and Brian, Maurice, & Justin

  6. Gapper

    Great lead BBQ & great work men. Welcome to the FNGs. You’ve taken the first step; keep coming out & it won’t get easier, but you will get stronger. I made it to 40 burpees.

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