Friday Morning Lights

9 men posted for another edition of Harrisburg Iron. 600 KB reps later, they left.

Warm-up mosey around the parking lot, then circle up.
SSH x10
Windmill x10
Slow Merkins x5

3 rounds, each with 5 sets of 5 different exercises, 5 reps each set…no rest in between sets.
Round 1
KB Shoulder Press
KB Goblet Squats
KB Merkins
KB Lawn Mower (each arm)
KB Hammer Curls

Round 2
KB High Rows
KB Swings
KB Chest Presses
KB Dead Lifts
KB Triceps Extensions

Round 3
KB Front Raises
KB Lunges (each leg)
KB Incline Chest Presses
KB Bent Over Rows
KB Wrist Curls

Repeato of all three rounds, but 3 sets each.

Cool-down mosey around the lot, then back for Mary.
With KBs pressed straight up, LBC x15, right into Low Flutters x15

COT (Jackie Chiles takes us out)

1. Friday Night Lights comes early….either HRHS left the lights on from last night, or got an early jump for tonight. Or they just discovered we have a rock star working out with us.
2. “What are the wrist curls for?” asks the guy with Popeye forearms…
3. Found Solo Cup’s secret – make him bring home the flag and there’s no chance he fartsacks. Not that he ever does anyway.
4. Without the goatee, Diesle looks at least 4 days younger.


3 thoughts on “Friday Morning Lights

  1. Diesel

    Great work out. I think I need to finally invest in a KB just in case Tumbler doesn’t show up with Gamma’s.
    I might look 4 days younger but feel like an old man after that workout this morning. I seriously think I was the only one sweating. It looked so easy to everyone else.

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