F3 Military PFT

10 Americans escaped the fartsack for an unconventional #Speed workout today. For the 3rd year in a row YHC selfishly takes the Q in early September to practice the Air Force Fitness Test.  This year was no different except we incorporated some Army and Marine Corps PFT components also. The bastardized test looked something like this:

Max push-ups in 2 minutes (Army/Navy)

Max sit-ups in 2 minutes (Army/Navy/Marines)

Max pull-ups (Marines)

1.5 mile run (AF/Navy)

Each service has slightly different components and ways of scoring (i.e. 1 minute time limit vs. 2 min for push-up/sit-ups, 1.5 mile run vs. 2 or 3 mile run). Therefore good luck determining your scores from this hodge-podge test.  Below are a few references if you want to gauge how well you did.




Stars and Stripes Moleskin:

1. T-claps to you men who posted this morning knowing what we’d be doing, however I think most did not know and thought it would be a more traditional #Speed workout. I think it was @DropCloth who asked when we’d be doing this PT test again. Make sure to thank him and find out where he was today?

2.  Excellent work from all this morning.  In the least it was an eye-opening experience of where you can improve. #pull-ups anyone?

3. Feel free to post your scores or feedback of the test in Comments. No need to report your waste measurement. Though I think @TheNanny started compiling his on the backside of Lap 1.  #talkingsh#t

4. Great to have @The H.O.P back out for #Speed. Keep posting and you will soon be back to your half-marathon fitness level. #ironChowder

5. The test next year will add the obstacle of climbing the concertina wire fence to the track. #ouch

6. In COT we discussed a potential workout doing the USMC Combat Fitness Test (CFT), quote @The Nanny, “That sounds like @Winnebago’s wet dream.”

7. My AF PT test is scheduled for Sep 27th. Thanks for helping me prepare!

8. Prayers to the #BRR teams this weekend and to the #F3/Haiti men!




2 thoughts on “F3 Military PFT

  1. The Nanny

    @Skipper Thanks for bringing this annual even to us again this year. Agree that next year we can change things around; we should spray the pull-up bars with Pam cooking spray since that is the only way to make them more slick than they were this morning, we should try to run less than a half marathon between pull-up station and run station, and following the run we should DEFINITELY time the guys when they attempt the fence climb #ScrotumSnatcher.

    Great efforts by all the guys. I happened to look over at @Chowder right when he experienced the perfect storm of total muscle failure and total body quiver; he would not be able to duplicate the expression on his face if he tried a hundred times #GlamourShot.

    @HOP T-claps on your effort on the track. Great to see you pushing it and keeping an eagles eye on the fast times of your youth. You’ll get there if you keep posting.

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