Sweaty Dingo Bars Mate!

13 Traditioners got to experience what happens at Iron Fist when no-one signs up to Q!  Dingo steps in and Dingo loves pull ups!  So thats what we did!  A whole lot of them!!

Warm Up

  1. 20 x SSH
  2. 20 x IST
  3. stretching

The Thang

Partner Up

Partner 1 – 10 chin ups

Partner 2 – 10 Dips


Repeat x 3

Partner 1 – 10 hanging leg ups

Partner 2 – 10 Inverted rows


repeat x 3

Partner 1 – 10 pull ups

Partner 2 – 10 decline merkins


repeat x 3

Partner 1 – 10 mix grip pull ups

Partner 2 – 10 Dips


repeat x 3

Monkey hangs – As long as possible

1 x left arm

1x right arm

1 x palms back

1 x palms forward

1 x mix grip

1 x mix grip flapjack


15 x LBC

Homer to marge

15 x the W


  1. Not the most exciting workout, but pull ups will make you stronger quicker than most exercises!  So lets keep doing them!!
  2. Welcome back Magma after a long Hiatus in Huntersville!
  3. Montana – I hope you enjoyed your first Iron Fist!
  4. Blacksheep – great to see you making Iron Fist a regular part of your workout schedule!!
  5. Iron Fist has developed some committed guys, who post every week to see what they have to smash through each week!

1 thought on “Sweaty Dingo Bars Mate!

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Nice lead @Dingo. Pull ups are one of the exercises that I can always use work on, so was nice to focus on that today.

    @Dutch – great partnering with you today!

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