The Hills – Not the MTV reality show!

13 of Highlands faithful PAX ventured into the Hills of Highland Creek for some Thunder Road training.

The Thang:

Approx 4.9999998 miles (depending on your Garmin signal) with a time of +/- 40 mins.  We headed out of HCES, turned right on the H.C. Parkway and ventured toward Eastfield Rd. entrance. Left into Whistlers Chase with a left onto Cambridge Bay Dr.  Headed up and down Cambridge Bay onto very dark path behind the driving range and up to top of the hill by the golf course. (This is the 3 mile mark).  Continued left down the hill, over the bridge and up the hill into the Mc Chesney qul-de-sac.  Continued with the up hill run out of Mc Chesney back on to the H.C. Pkwy.  Up and down a few more hills (have you picked up on the theme yet) and turned left back into the familar grounds of HCES parking lot.

The Hilly Moleskin:

  1. hill (n) – a natural elevation of the earth’s surface, smaller than a mountain.
  2. hill (n) – an incline, especially in a road.
  3. Regardless of your preferred definition, there are plenty of these hills to be found in the Highlands AO.
  4. With all the left turns, we could have been running on a NASCAR speedway.
  5. Nice work by all PAX for both the 5 milers and the 3 milers. We had a very fast pace considering all the “natural elevations of the earth’s surface”.

7 thoughts on “The Hills – Not the MTV reality show!

  1. Snare Post author

    I enjoyed leading and running with all of you this morning. Sorry to whomever I left off of the PAX list. Please chime in you are the missing one or know who it is.

    @Treadstone – thanks for joining me when you noticed that I was running in a pack of 1.
    @Gordo – nice job coming from the back of the pack to catch up with the middle pack!
    @Rome – I have a greater appreciation for race organizers now. Be kind…thank a race director!
    @Mosby – Welcome to Highlands F3!

  2. Winnebago

    Missing Pax was our Winner Frodo. Great route, definitely tough. I kept know another hill was coming Chowder and Frodo captured the lead on the 2nd to last hill before the school. Great to see ole Chopper out there. @Mosby you may not realize it yet but @Stoli roped you into a great thing. Great job by all. The cooler temps are certainly welcome to remain. Soon we will be able to try to push 6 miles 🙂

    1. Snare Post author

      Frodo! Of course it was Frodo. How could I forget Frodo? Sorry brother! I have vivid memories of seeing the back of you for 5 miles.

        1. Snare Post author

          I disagree Dingo. Frodo is the guy who shows up 5 hours before you ask him to be there and will stay 5 hours after you finish, just because.

  3. Frodo

    Nice course, Snare. The hills added some extra fun.

    @Chowder- great 2nd F. Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, your perspective and your words of wisdom. Thank you.

    @Snare- no worries about forgetting me on the Pax list. Given the Q next week, it’ll be interesting to see if you disappear from the Pax list #turnaboutIsFairplay

    @Moseby – welcome to the Cruise. Hope you enjoyed this more than the Murph on Monday. Hope to see you Monday at El Dorado…it’s another running workout, a little different than the cruise, but usually not too difficult. #littlewhitelie

  4. Chopper

    Awesome to be back for the Cruise this morning, great route Snare. Thanks Filibuster for hanging out and chatting the whole time. Hopefully I can get back to this being a regular thing.

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