Here’s a math problem for you

Math problem: On a cool and dark late August morning, 11 men and 1 four-legged friend gathered around the F3 shovel flag. The clock struck 0530 and 8 Road Warriors hit the road, leaving 3 Warrior Ones to guard the flag. During the run, 5 men split from the others but all the men returned that had started. How many returned?

Answer: 9 PAX and 1 dog.  Huh??? Here’s what went down…

2014-08-27 Road Warriors


  • Start at Main/Kee
  • Left on Carl Parmer
  • Left to continue on Carl Parmer
  • Right on Roberta
  • Left on Rocky River Crossing
  • Continue on Rocky River Crossing until Morehead
  • Left on Morehead
  • Left on Patricia
  • At bottom of Patricia circle back to Morehead for the other PAX..the other PAX…the otherrr…where are they?
  • YHC instructed SS Minnow to take the PAX back on Patricia to Parallel while YHC searched for the missing PAX.
  • After checking the vicinity to no avail, YHC took a left on Ridge to rejoin SS Minnow’s PAX on Patricia
  • The PAX (now only 5 men) turned left on Parallel
  • Left on Roberta (still no other PAX in sight)
  • Right on Main to the shovel flag

YHC was relieved to see the 3 men had made their way back unscathed. But wait, is that Riptide? Yep.  My math teachers always taught me to show my work, so here goes…

  • 11 PAX and 1 dog in the gloom
  • 8 men and 1 dog for Road Warriors
  • 3 men for Warrior One
  • The PAX got stretched out along the route (oops)
  • 4 PAX and YHC stuck together while 3 became missing
  • YHC + 4 PAX returned
  • 3 missing PAX returned
  • 1 additional PAX returned (after completing a 4+ mile search mission for the Road Warriors)
  • Total = 9 Road Warriors and 1 dog



  • Great turn out this AM guys! I think we had between 4-5+ miles depending on your route and any extra circling back. YHC will do a better job keeping the PAX together next time.
  • Great seeing some new faces to Road Warriors, glad to have ET and Rib Shack out in the gloom.
  • @ET, glad to have you out for a weekday workout. Tues/Thur Hickory Ridge High School football stadium 0530. Come on!
  • @Rib Shack, didn’t mean to leave you in the dark this AM. Maybe not the best company but Gamma and Starsky are better than nothing.

12 thoughts on “Here’s a math problem for you

  1. Riptide

    Comical… I couldn’t find you guys and you guys couldn’t find you guys…. Speaking of math, I was off by about a mile on my estimated distance to Town Hall (fyi Bull = 3.8 mi), hence my Swami arrival time. On a positive note, I ran w/ Hochuli up Stallings to the park.

    1. BBQ Post author

      I was trying to figure out all day how it was “only 2.5 miles” from your house to town hall. I hope you weren’t involved in “measuring” our BRR legs.

  2. Gamma

    I guess coming back with one too many is better than one too few. As Rib Shack and I turned back up towards Roberta, we found ourselves ahead of Minnow and Banjo Boy…which means for about 100 yards, we were winning!

    1. RibShack

      @Gamma: thanks for the company, sorry to hold you down from those famed 8 min miles you guys do!

  3. SoloCup

    Awesome job on the BB. Tough run up those hills. I am glad I had ET back there to keep me company.

    #Tclaps to Ribshack. That just may be the furthest he’s ever run.

    1. RibShack

      Who knew Harrisburg had hills? I sure didn’t.

      @SoloCup- yeah, the farthest in a week for sure let alone one single day! However, can’t really call it a run, more like a stumble stumble where’s BBQ kinda thing!

      1. BBQ Post author

        If you thought those were hills, come back out another week for the “BBQ route.” There are some hidden gems around.

  4. RibShack

    Seriously guys, thanks for all the encouragement. Felt like a FNG again today but it felt good to at least end back up where I started! I’ll take it!

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