Chilly in August?

Two Harrisburg Pax were joined in the gloom by one Highlands Pax for some strength, flexibility and balance training.

After some mumblechatter about it being a bit on the chilly side this A.M. YHC decided to get the pax warmed up with some strength poses.

x denotes four-count cadence.


Plank Series: Plank~30 secs, Merkins x10, Plank~15 secs, Side Plank R/L~15 secs/side, Three Levels Plank~15 secs/level, Elbow Plank w/opposite leg and arm lifts~15 secs/side.

The Thang:

In this order, sorta, kinda (ITOSK):

  • Howl at the Moon- four rotations. Includes: Mountain, Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Plank, Cobra or Up Dog, Down Dog, Lunge.
  • Lunge Series- Down dog, Lunge, Crescent, Spinal Twist, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Extended Side-angle, Peaceful Warrior, Triangle. Repeato other side.
  • Cat/Cow~8 reps.
  • Spinal Balance, Awkward Airplane, Gate, Half-knot. Repeato other side.
  • Balance Series- Tree, Figure Four, Figure Four Squat, Tree w/Spinal Twist, Warrior Three.
  • Wide-legged Series- Forward fold, Standing Half-moon, Yurpees~10, Atlas-to-Star, Side Lunge R/L~8.
  • Pyramid R/L, Pigeon R/L.

COT w/Road Warriors


  1. @Gump- Nice to see you out this morning trying to get back in the game after your injury.  Warrior One is the perfect place to start. Modify as needed.
  2. @Othello- Looking forward to your virgin Warrior One Q next week.




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