Last Call: Uhhh… Did Someone Say, “Ham On?”

15 gathered to answer the Last Call… despite good visibility, even terrain and no unaccompanied minors, we were still lacking any professionals, so YHC spit the #Disclaimer and the PAX followed anyway. Go figure. So we start to mosey… yadda, yadda, yadda… someone says, “Ham On!” and… dang! Yup, he posted. Great to have you back out there, brother! Now what about Titanium, Haskell, Huevos, Chicken Coop, Razor, Calzone, Peanut Butter, Spark Nu… wait, I could go on all day with this. Let’s roll and get @Ham_On some good work in.

Mosey to side soccer lot for Warm-o-rama
– SSH x 19 IC
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 19 IC
– Enough warm up… if you need more, get there earlier or #DoubleDown

The Thang
Mosey to small hill at bottom of parking lot
Ladder of 6
– Top: One-Legged Burpees (L.)
– Bottom: One-Legged Burpees (R.)
– Hey! Welcome @ChickenStrip – you know, we start at 0700, right? And I guess you missed the part about the burpees being one-legged?
– Plank when finished

Mosey up the road and halt at the top; Grab some split rail fence (Nice of you to join us @LawDawg)
– Derkins Top Rung x 10 IC
– LBC x 15 IC
– Derkins Middle Rung x 10 IC
– LBC x 15 IC
– Derkins (Yup you guessed it… wait, no not bottom rung) Top Rung! x 10 IC

Mosey down to lower parking lot; Stake your claim to a section of split rail fence
As most everyone discovered, the rungs spin (both the top and bottom)
at which point my counsel (@Matlock) suggests YHC restate the disclaimer, so, “Disclaimer!”
– Hop over top of fence x 6
– Run length of parking lot and back
– Rinse and repeat x 2
– Sage advice from counsel as @Striker goes down hard on his final set (speed kills brother; serves you right for dominating this event… and taking up two sections of fence for your hops)
– Plank until everyone is finished

@Dog_Catcher kind of remembers how to do a 10 count.
Line up at end of parking lot
– AYG to the other end; recover
– AYG back to the start; recover

Mosey to playground and partner up
Partner 1: Dips until relieved by Partner 2
Partner 2: Pull ups x 10, then relieve Partner 1
Flap Jack positions and exercises
Rinse and repeat x 2 (3 rounds)

Mosey back to the parking lot
Line up at end of parking lot
– AYG to the other end; @Google hits us with a 10 count (with AUTHORITY! There’s a Q in the making)
– AYG back to the start; recover

Mosey up to the baseball pavilion
– Step ups x 10 L. OYO
– Step ups x 10 R. OYO
– Pretzel Crunch L. x 19 IC
– Step ups x 10 L. OYO
– Step ups x 10 R. OYO
– Pretzel Crunch R. x 19 IC

Grab some wall to crown a champ…
– Balls to the Wall as long as you can hold it
– @DogCatcher makes a good run at it, but starts to quiver… and steps on the brake, leaving @ElToro as the new title holder of Ballsiest to the Wallest in MCP.

Mosey up path to road and hang a left turn, Clyde.
Halt at the bottom of the hill
Since @LawDawg missed these earlier, I know he’d never forgive me if he didn’t get to share in the joy of a Ladder of 6
– Top: One-Legged Burpees (L.)
– Bottom: One-Legged Burpees (R.)
– @MrBelding – you might want to try bending at the elbow during these…
– Plank when finished

Mosey to top of the parking lot then AYG from the corner to the parking lot by the stairs.

– W x 19 IC
– LBC x 20 IC (@Dropcloth)
– Freddie Mercury x 19 (Thanks, @LawDawg!)
– Squirm x 20 (@Striker)


– Q School – mid Sept (I can’t remember the exact dates) see @Dropcloth or YHC to sign up.
– Murph on Monday – two locations: Tradition (Stone Bridge) and HC Sports Club; No El Dorado
– If you’re not happy about missing an El Dorado on Monday, join the @MECA #BadBoys to go get punished by the #mutha. Clown car launches from HC Elementary at 0445 on Monday.
– F3 Connect – Exit 18 (North) on Tuesday (I think?) – see @LawDawg or twitter for details
– Tradition on Tap – 7pm Thursday at Eastfield Bar and Grill – @MrBelding promises it will last longer than an hour… 70 minutes guaranteed (75 minutes if the waitress messes up the tabs.)

The Random Moleskin
– Good to see many new faces from Tradition – keep up that growth brothers!
– I think most didn’t believe YHC at launch when he said he had no idea what we were going to do. I’m sure you now believe… #Chowderizing it
– Where were all the Highlands PAX who wanted the Early Edition? Like Zevahc, Lenoloc, Mazahs, etc.? Only one #doubledowner today.
– Let’s get some Mud Run prep going for the next few weeks… who’s in?

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  1. Striker

    Good lead Chowder!

    The one legged burps were tough.

    I always thought I was an expert at negotiating fences, boy was I wrong…… Chewed up and spit out.

    Sprints were brutal just about spilled some merlot.

    I am in for mud run training…..

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