Park’s closed…

The VSF was planted and 17 Glorious Men posted to get the week started pushing some mettle.


SSH x 20IC

Laps around PL x 2

The Thang

5 sets of the following:

20 Swings

20 Squat Press

20 Pull-Overs

20 Clean/Press (10 each arm)

20 Upright Rows

Jog around PL after each set

Total of 500 reps

Audible: Merkins x 15IC


LBC x 20IC

Low Dolly x 20IC

Naked Moleskin

– One of Highland Creek’s finest security guards arrived to inform us that the park is closed until 0600. We professionally informed him that we’ve been here for 2 years and are all residents just trying to get a workout in. He allowed us to stay in the parking lot until 0600, at which time we could use the park. We’ll see how this plays out

– Excellent push by everyone out there this morning…500 reps is no joke. Great way to start the day and the week!

– Seems as if Tradition pax have taken over Mettle as the majority of the Highlands pax have moved to El Dorado. Both are great workouts, I encourage everyone to post to other workouts on occasion as it mixes up your routine and keeps the 2F alive and well.

– As always, it was my pleasure to Q this morning, thanks for having me.