The Making of the Perfect Burpee (Fine Print: No burpees were actually performed or harmed during this workout)

8 #Highland/#Tradition men started their day a litter earlier than most at Mallard Creek Park and unbeknownst to them were training to perform the perfect burpee.

The Thang:

Dynamic Warmup: Frankenstein Walk, Butt Kickers, High Knees

Warmup COP: (each x15) SSH, Windmills, Imperial Storm Troopers, Mericans, Mountain Climbers

Indian Run to Tennis Courts

Tennis Court sprints: Forward Sprint from baseline to net and back to baseline; Forward sprint from baseline to net and back pedal back; Side slide from baseline to net and back; Repeato, Repeato

Indian Run to Parking lot next to stadium

1 minute side to side line jumps; 1 minute front to back line jumps; Mericans x 10

Indian Run to rails at corner of school for Rail Plank Bear Crawl

Find a partner for bike rack mericans (partner holds legs); bike rack dips (partner holds legs); Flap Jack; Repeato, Repeato

Mosey to practice field for the Main Event: The building of the Perfect Burpee

Partner up: Together the partners completed 100 mericans, 200 donkey kicks, 300 jump squats (the 3 components of a burpee); Partner 1 runs 50 yards down and 50 yards back while Partner 2 performs the exercise, flap jack, and keep count between the partners to add up to 100, 200, 300 of above exercises.

Fellowship Walk/Mosey (with break for Mericans along the way) back to cars to finish with Mary

Hand plank, Elbow plank, Plank Jacks, Right arm up Plank, Left arm up Plank, Right leg up Plank, Left leg up Plank


The Early Edition Moleskin:

1. The idea for the Perfect Burpee workout was stolen from @HardHat from Greenville (#Swamp Rabbit), but he called it Dora and I still don’t understand why. Regardless, its one of those that challenges the body and the mind.

2. @Icicle and @Toro beat @Shazam and @The Nanny in completing the Perfect Burpee by una pequeña cantidad.

3. It was a little troubling to see how much @Shazam enjoyed staring into @The Nanny’s eyes during the bike rack mericans and dips.

4. Welcome FNG @Klean Up and thanks to the pax for the naming help!  This Florida Gator was sweating when a few pax wanted to name him Seminole.

5. T-Claps to @BOS who was the only man dumb  strong enough to complete the Double Down this morning!

As always it was an honor and a pleasure to Q this morning. Ahoy!


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  1. Skipper Post author

    @Maximus – Thanks for the push and for partnering with me today. I loved the face that @Klean Up made during COT when he heard you say 60 for your age. #RESPECT #Stud

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