No hills at Stallings Rd Park….

11 men, including 1 FNG, posted for Harrisburg Iron and we’re starting to think we won’t be moving back to Stallings Road when the roads open back up…..because nothing goes better with kettlebells than hills!

Overhead KB carry to Heartbreak Ridge, then circle up

SSH x15
Air Squats x10
Windmill x10

Partner up with someone with the same sized KB (in case you’re feeling froggy and use both)
P1: run up the hill, do 10 merkins, run back down
P2: do the called exercises until P1 returns
Switch and repeat until 100 total reps of the KB exercise are completed; the exercises were:
KB Sumo Squats
KB Chest Presses
KB Hammer Curls
KB Swings
KB Overhead Presses
KB Bent Over Rows
KB Triceps Extensions

Farmer Carry Suicides – P1 starts walking with both KBs; P1 sprints to the other end of the lot (~100yrds) and back to P1; switch at that point and resume until both men are at the other end. Repeat going back, then one more time for good measure.

LBCs w/KB x20
Low Flutter w/KBs pressed x20
Mason Twist x10


1. Great showing today, with some regulars, and FNG, a visitor and a 2nd post!
2. I think there’s a growing opinion that we should just stay at HRHS for KB workouts. That hills adds a whole new dimention.
3. Strong work. Depending on the exercises, each partner was running up 2-3 times each set, for a total of 140-210 Merkins mixed in.
4. Welcome to a visiting Patty and FNG Justin. Also great to have Clueless out for his second post. Really, we do mean that with all due respect!


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  1. BBQ

    @Gamma – looks like another good KB Q. Hate I missed it. I agree with staying at The Ridge for KBs. Although a little further for me, there are more options for the workout. I’ll keep this BB in mind for a future Q.

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